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Apocalypse Wakeboard

Part Number: AHW-4010

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Quick Overview

APOCALYPSE is designed for intermediate to expert riders weighing 90 -170 lbs. The 6 fin dual thruster setup provides the ultimate in hold and tracking. Stay on edge, get more speed into the wake and stomp landings without slipping out. The removable center fins provide tracking. The side fins are curved and angle outwards at 11 degrees to provide extra edge hold and a loose feel in neutral. The continuous rocker is fast and forgiving with smooth pop.

Binding styles available to add on with board:   

PRIMO Size: M ( Men's 8-11)        GRIND Size: M ( Men's 8-12)     

BOSS Size: L ( Men's 11-15)        CLUTCH Size: M ( Men's 8-12) 

Click HERE for Binding Size Chart

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