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Bling Spectra Wakeboard Rope

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BLING SPECTRA Wakeboard Rope

These wakeboard ropes will give you swagger! They sparkle in the sun and glow in twilight! The extravagant look compliments the luxury of high end boats, adds a little class to lesser boats and makes you look like a watersports pro! BLING series ropes are one of a kind. Shiny and reflective material is braided together with top quality Poly E over a Spectra core. These 75 foot wakeboard ropes have 4 take-off sections, 5ft, 5ft, 10ft and 10ft., resulting in rope lengths of 75 ft., 70 ft., 65 ft., 55 ft. and 45 ft.. The spectra core gives this tiny rope a phenomenal 2,000 lb. break strength and no stretch. The handle has an aluminum core, a 15 in. EVA grip and full finger protectors.

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Great Value Wakeboard Rope Review by Kevin
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This rope is great. I am an intermediate at best, but it works great for me and my friends. It has pulled skiers too without any problem. I do still find it tough to see at times, but a lot of that might have to do with the glare off of the water, and that it is so thin. The handle does float, but it doesn't stick out of the water like handles that have foam core on it. All in all a great rope for the money. In fact it fell off of my boat, and I liked it so much I am buying another! (Posted on 7/8/2015)
Good quality wakeboard rope Review by Jeff
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Great wakeboard rope. Zero stretch, comfortable grip, easy enough to see in the water. It does tangle every now and then, but I think that is due to sloppy coiling on our part. We've had hours of fun with this rope and can't wait to use it again next summer. (Posted on 1/20/2014)

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