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WaterMat Pro



The patented WaterMat® Pro is a portable float that just about any water-based professional can use to make their work easier and safer. For First Responders, when every second counts, the WaterMat Pro is a lifesaver. Current uses and applications include: Reaching stranded victims in flood waters or swampy muck Rapid deployment in ice rescue missions Off-shore, in-water standing post for lifeguards Floating equipment base for SCUBA Instructors Portable work platform for boat maintenance Because it is a genuine WaterMat product, the WaterMat Pro needs no inflation, no assembly and has no sharp edges. The durable WaterMat Pro weighs just 61 lbs. but has a surface area of over 125 square feet and is rated to support over 1800 lbs. of gear or people. Make no mistake: This product is built for the professional. The bright orange WaterMat Pro is covered in heat laminated, extra-tough polymesh material. The WaterMat Pro uses our Double Grommet System for stability and security. It is stitched with a high-tensile thread around the circumference of the product. Each end has straps that are used for handles, tie-down spots, and/or anchor points.

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  • Anchoring: Double Grommet System for stability and security.
  • Height: 2
  • Length: 300
  • Load Weight Rating: 1800 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 5 Feet Wide X 25 Feet Long X 2 Inches Thick
  • Product Weight: 61 Pounds
  • Width: 60

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