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WaterMat Roll 'N Go 11



Lake Mat

This floating water pad is the perfect size for easy transport. You can roll it up and stow it in SUVs and boats, or place in storage in the garage.

The diamond finish on the top and bottom offers extra traction, comfort and durability. Families love that this lake mat has radius corners, which boost safety and durability.

There are multi-density rubberized foam layers with four reinforcement layers for optimal strength and rollability. When you need a large lake toy, the WaterMat Roll 'N Go 11 is the go-to option.


  • Reversible: Designed so either side can be used as the top of the mat
  • Diamond finish top and bottom for extra traction, comfort and durability
  • Multi-density foam layers includes reinforcement layers for optimal strength
  • Anchoring System: Includes grommet, bungee anchor line and stainless steel hook

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