Sun Comfort Foam Water Saddle



Saddle Seat Pool Float

This comfortable water saddle float makes it easy to stay buoyant while immersed in water. In addition to keeping you cool, this saddle is made from Sun Comfort EcoCell foam, which is long-lasting and luxurious with rich color swirls. There's a comfortable carrying handle that makes this Sun Comfort Saddle easy to transport and store.

It’s also more environmentally friendly than other foam lounges because it's 100% PVC free with no harmful off-gassing or oils. The closed cell foam is soft to the touch and won’t absorb water, crack, chip, peel, or tear.


  • Sun Comfort EcoCell foam is a long-lasting luxurious foam with rich color swirls throughout the entire product
  • PVC free foam that doesn't contain off-gassing or oils
  • Soft to the touch

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