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To get the most out of your snowshoes, it’s important to get the right fit. Proper snowshoes aren’t fitted just by foot size, but also by weight. If a pair of snowshoes is for someone who is larger, a smaller person will have a harder time using them. A larger person who puts on snowshoes meant for someone who weighs less will find him- or herself sinking deeper into the snow. If you want to be able to snowshoe well and have fun doing it, you need to make sure that you choose snowshoes that match you. It’s even more important that children get the right snowshoes. Otherwise, they may quit the sport before they ever know how much fun it can be to trek through the woods in the winter.Whether you are new to the sport of snowshoeing or are upgrading your current snowshoes to a high-performance pair, Yukon Charlie’s offers a premium selection of snow shoes for men, women and kids. Buy your snowshoes separately or get all of your equipment together in a snowshoe kit with poles and a convenient carry bag. Check out our entire collection of adult and kids snowshoes below, and find the perfect pair for your winter sports needs.