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Smart Phone Case, Clear - 4" x 7"

Dry Pak


Fits iPhone 6, 6 Plus & Note!
Take Photos through clear window on the back! Talk and Listen clearly through the case! 

If the thought of being without your cell phone, GPS or MP3 or other valuables when you’re out on the water makes you shudder, you need an award winning DRY PAK! DRY PAKs hermetically seal out water, sand and dust. Simply twist the knobs to open; twist back down to seal. It’s that simple. If you drop it in water, it will float and your belongings are protected, period! Although we identify only a few popular uses and activities for each case, it’s highly likely that you’ll find other applications for your DRY PAK. If you have a specific item that you want to protect, measure it first and check the maximum circumference dimensions that we provide.

Click HERE for Size Guide. (Top cell phone sizes)

Hot Pink
Electric Blue
Lemon Lime
4 in. wide x 7 in. longFor large smart phones, including iPhone 6 PlusClear TPU front and back camera window with high visibility borderBright sealing clip for high visibilityAdjustable neck lanyard & anodized aluminum spring hookFor beach, pool, boating, snorkeling and moreMaximum circumference: 7 1/4 in.