General Boating Life Jacket Vest | Child-Adult


SKU: 30002-02-A-RD

Adult and Youth Life Jacket

Our General Boating Life Jacket is a reliable wearable flotation device that families and kids can count on. Crafted with a 200 denier polyester shell, this adult type 3 personal flotation device for sale is nothing short of durable. It also features a lightweight Poly-E flotation device inside the jacket. Both of these materials work together to provide optimum flotation power. This life jacket for boats has an open-sided design that adapts to a wide range of bodies, but it boasts three straps that clip on the side to make the wearer feel secure.

The Airhead General Boating Life Jacket is U.S. Coast Guard approved and is available in three bright, primary colors: blue, red, and yellow. Get the same hue for everyone in the family, or mix and match between parents and kids. Either way, you won’t have any trouble finding one another when wearing these vibrant jackets.

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