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Waterpark Inflatable Tubes

If you’ve enjoyed the rush or relaxation experience from visiting waterparks, chances are you’ve ridden an Airhead water park raft. Airhead waterpark products are widely distributed and used by most major US water parks and growing a strong international presence too. Waterparks in Dubai, South America, Australia, and even the Ukraine proudly use Airhead water park rafts.

Look no further for unique and affordable solutions for all your water park needs.  From basic one rider PVC tubes to custom rafts, Airhead quality and pricing are second to none. All Airhead waterpark tubes are made with 100% K80 virgin PVC and the one piece molded handles are ergonomically comfortable yet sturdy providing long term durability. In combination with cutting edge technology such as inflation gauges and overlap welding, Airhead is committed to being the best in the business. Airhead is here to solve any challenges you encounter and is eager to hear about your needs and ideas.  Contact us today!