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Pongo Bongo Beverage Pong Table

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PONGO BONGO Beverage Pong Table

Beverage pong is a very popular game these days. There’s no better place to play on a hot day than in the water! PONGO BONGO is a floating inflatable game table equipped with 12 cup holders on each side. Kids love carnival games and will play PONGO BONGO for hours. Durable heavy gauge vinyl construction. Hang it from a ceiling in your game room or tether it to a moored boat or dock with the 4 molded rope holders welded to the sides. When you’re done playing, turn it over and use it as a pool float or air mattress. Ping pong balls included!
Size: 88 in. x. 40 in. Inflated Size.

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  • Inflatable beverage pong game table
  • 12 cup holders on each side
  • Kids love carnival games and will play PONGO BONGO for hours
  • Durable heavy gauge vinyl construction
  • Hang it from a ceiling or tether it to a dock with the 4 molded rope holders
  • Turn it over and use it as a pool float or air mattress
  • Speed Safety Valve for fast inflating and deflating
  • 2 Ping pong balls included
  • 88in. x. 40in. (Inflated Size)
Beer pong at the lake and a sturdy raft, not a bad deal! Review by Ben
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This was bought to replace 2 separate floating beer pong triangles that were damaged. Those were a nice novelty, but more time was spent trying to keep them in place than actually playing. There are a lot of similar floating tables out there, but I went with this one because I've had positive experiences with Airhead products in the past. When I first inflated it with a coleman pump, I was happy to see that it was made of a heavier vinyl. It's got a speed safety valve, so it was easy to inflate quickly. It's nice to not have to worry as much about overfilling or leaks developing by the seams. It was also larger than I had expected. Several on-line stores cited it as being 72" long, but I'm 6' tall, and after laying out on it with plenty of room to spare, I would guess it's actually 84". A pretty decent length for a game of pong outside, though a bit shy of "regulation". The 40" across measurement seems accurate because it was wide enough where it was actually tough to paddle while laying flat on top of it.

When fully inflated, the cup holders can grip solo cups tightly, to the point where it takes a little fumbling to get them out when a cup is sank. That can also make it tough to get all of the lips of the cups sitting level, and there is a gap between them because of the spacing of the cup slots, but hopefully you're outside somewhere sunny while you're using it and don't mind a little extra challenge. There is 4 small loops that could be used to tie down or anchor the raft in one place with a little ingenuity. I haven't yet, but if it was a windy day and/or the water was going to be over your head, it might be worth a little creativity to give it a try. All in all, I'm very happy with it. It seems like it's going to hold up to a little abuse and having something that can double as a raft after you're done comes in handy. Any negatives for gameplay are very minor and only a really big pong stickler could offer any real complaints about it. Would buy again (Posted on 2/3/2014)

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