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Doggy Mat Plus




Is there a sadder face than that of the family pooch as you and the rest of the family pull away from the dock, leaving him out of the fun because it's too hard to get him in and out of the boat? Well, that's no more: There's a WaterMat® for every member of your family - even the loyal, furry ones, and the DoggyMat Plus™ makes it easy for Fido to get back in the boat after his own afternoon plunge. Both products are 100% dog proof.

A dog's nails can be a problem for any traditional inflatable water toy, but the DoggyMat Plus is designed with an extra tough layer of poly tarp, heat laminated to both sides and stitched all the way around the edges. This surface, while still fun and safe to play on, is tough enough for even Fido's nails.

The DoggyMat Plus is weight rated at 750 pounds and is 12' X 5' X 2". Now, families with dogs can play ON their water toy WITH their dogs - and that is doggone good news!! REVIEWS 06/04/2013

Reviewer: Steve Hoven
The customer service was above and beyond extraordinary. Thanks 07/16/2012

Reviewer: Ronald Rudolph
My 2 large dogs 125 lbs each love this thing Awesome - 05/09/2012

Reviewer: Bob Pole
The DoggyMat is awesome! My dog plays on it everyday we are at the lake. It is great because he can swim with us off of the ski or pontoon boat and easily get back into the boat. Our dog is 50 lbs and his claws make no marks in the surface. I highly recommend this for families that play in the water with their dogs! Cool... - 05/02/2012

Reviewer: Darryl Jordan
Have been a big fan of the WaterMat for a few years now and I am very impressed with this latest model. My kids and now my German Shepard "Corky" love it and can get on an off no problem at all. Feels like it is really built to last too. 04/26/2012

Reviewer: william roark
shipped and received right on schedule.

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  • Ating: 750 pounds
  • Grommet Anchoring: One grommet - bungee system
  • Height: 2
  • Length: 144
  • Sions: 5 Feet Wide X 12 Feet Long X 2 Inches Thick
  • Width: 60

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