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Sno Fort


SKU: 31-1001

Sno Fort Inflatable Igloo

Gear up for snowball fights with Sportsstuff's SNO FORT. This inflatable igloo makes a perfect snowball fortress or play lodge. Keep a lookout for approaching enemies from the sunroof or peek through the transparent cone. This inflatable is a unique and fun item for the winter season.

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  • Length X Width Deflated: 69.5in. x 69.5in
  • Manual: Download
  • Material: 100% 6P PVC with Cold Crack
  • Max Capacity: 2 Riders
  • Special Features: Removable Transparent Cone
  • Heavy-Gauge PVC with Cold-Crack Additive
  • Removable Transparent Cone
  • Speed Safety Valve for Fast Inflation and Deflation
  • Unique Igloo Entrance
  • 2 Person Maximum Capacity
  • 340 LBS Max Capacity
  • Sun Roof

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