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WaterBright Underwater Lighting System

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Now you can have light in and around the water that doesn't need wiring or solar power. The WaterBright is a waterproof light kit that lights up any water toy including your genuine WaterMat, floating trampolines, and rafts and extends the fun into the night! The light kit runs over 30 hours on a single set of 3AA alkaline batteries (included).
Waterproof: WaterBright can be used underwater or under your WaterMat for nighttime fun! It easily clips to the underside of many other water toys, as well. WaterBright turns night time into a whole new adventure!
Easily Maintained: The batteries can be changed in less than 1 minute. The LED's are rated for 50,000 hours so they never need to be replaced. The WaterBright kit can be easily washed.
Durable: WaterBright is waterproof tested to pass the most rugged environment.
Portable: WaterBright can be easily used for different marine applications besides under your favorite water toy. It can be moved around your water front to give you light where you have never had light before; under your boat canopy, under your dock, on your stairs down to the beach, on your buoy to mark it for friends and many more!

  • Battery Type: 3AA Batteries (One set included)
  • Projected Life: 50,000 hours for LED bulbs. 30 Hours per Battery Set

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