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WaterMat EX


Your time and money are precious. The last thing you want when at the lake or summer retreat is hassle (you already get your share of that at work, right?!). That's why our mantra of "safe, no-hassle, family fun on the water" offers every WaterMat owner so much value. CLICK HERE to read about the WaterMat Difference. Elegantly simple by design, both the WaterMat EX and the 50% thicker AIRHEAD WaterMat 22 Plus roll out in seconds. With nothing to inflate, owners can enjoy their weekend rather than patching or refilling the inflatables. You can leave it in the water for a full season of fun! You can walk on water, run, jump, slip and slide on a WaterMat. You can create your own wild WaterMat games or just hang out leisurely in the sun. Why you'll love an EX or 22 Plus. Both products utilize our proprietary production process that, in our own competitive quality tests, make the EX and 22 Plus far more durable EX offers two distinctly different surfaces: A pillowy DiamondTop surface on the "lounging" side and a slippery-er "play" side. 22 Plus features a Diamond Finish Top and Bottom for extra Traction, Comfort and Durability The EX is 18 feet long and five feet wide, and 1.25 inches thick making it MUCH easier for one person to roll-up and even fits in most SUVs The Airhead Watermat 22 Plus is 22 feet long and five feet wide, as well as 2' thick High quality grommet and tethering system included A two year limited warranty! Every thing is more fun on the original WaterMat EX or the thicker, 50% more buoyant Airhead WaterMat 22 Plus!

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  • Ex Load Weight Rating: 1000 Pounds
  • Ex Product Weight: 33 pounds
  • Height: 1
  • Length: 264
  • Tethering Grommets: The EX has one grommet
  • Watermat Ex Dimensions: 5 Feet Wide X 18 Feet Long X 1.25 Inches Thick
  • Width: 60

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