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6 Ways to Keep Boating Fun for the Whole Family

6 Ways to Keep Boating Fun for the Whole Family



6 Ways to Keep Boating Fun for the Whole Family



1.    Do things that are fun

This may seem like common sense but I’m going to say it anyway. If you want to have fun boating, do fun things! Did you know you can buy a trampoline for the lake? Or a slide for your boat? And we haven’t even begun talking about the different towable options available these days. Yes, boating in and of itself is fun, but why not take it to the next level and create additional memories for your kids to hold onto? 


2.    Teach your kids hobbies

Oh my goodness, my husband loves to fish. Now, he’s raising two kids who absolutely love to fish. Personally, I would rather endure a root canal but I do like to read. So my husband fishes, my girls’ attempt to fish though my husband seems to spend a lot of time untangling things and I relax with a good book. Everyone’s having fun and the entire family is falling in love with the water for a multitude of different reasons. It’s like taking chocolate cake and adding ice cream. On-water hobbies enhance the boating experience.


3.    Stay relaxed

A bad attitude from one person can ruin the day for everyone onboard which is why it’s so important to stay relaxed. Something is going to go wrong, yet how you respond is still your choice. Here’s the short version of what happened to us last weekend: My eight-year-old daughter dropped our unattached anchor into the lake. I could see the annoyance rising in my husband’s eyes when I asked him if he’d be willing to pay $50 to hang out with his hot wife and beautiful children on the lake. Of course, he said. Okay, so you just spent $50 in the form of a new anchor in exchange for today. Then the kids and I joined in on a rousing verse of Let it Go from Disney’s Frozen and, guess what? We had a great day on the lake. Do we need to teach our kids to be responsible? Absolutely. But it’s just an important to extend mercy when an accident occurs because, usually, it’s not a big enough deal to let it ruin an entire day.


4.    Plan ahead

Nothing, I repeat nothing, is LESS fun than sitting on a hot boat without basic boating supplies such as water and sunscreen. Even one bad experience can sully boating for a novice. Instead of rushing to the lake unprepared, take 15 minutes and make sure you are reasonably ready for whatever the day throws at you. You definitely won’t regret it.


5.    Let everyone have a voice

There’s a reservoir about 15 minutes from our house that I love and my husband hates. It’s not very big and the fishing is meh. But it’s never crowded, and often times, you’ll see deer coming to the shore for a drink which I find serendipitous. My man would rather drive the extra hour to the bigger lake, while I don’t feel as though I have the time to do it at every opportunity. So we compromise. Part of why I love boating with my family is it’s not a one-person show. Sometimes I get my way and sometimes we listen to the same Taylor Swift song on repeat because that's what the kids want. Everyone feels as though their input is valuable.


 6.    Be willing to transfer out of the helm seat

So your young boaters love to boat? Yay! Sooner or later, they’re going to ask you for a chance in the helm seat. In fact, most lifelong boaters remember taking the boat out for a cruise way before they learned to drive a car. Often times, the experience is more important in their memory. Rules on the minimum boating age vary by state, so make sure you’re following the law. There’s a good chance your new boater will need to take a boater education course in order to operate the vessel on their own. Many states allow new boaters to take the helm in the presence of a properly documented boater — one who has passed necessary legal requirements or meets the minimum age or experience required to boat.



Article written by Katie Burke 







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