Wakeboarding has grown so popular in recent years it’s become a new favorite water sport among kids and adults. Whether you're a beginner learning to wakeboard or an expert looking for the latest in wakeboard technology there’s an Airhead wakeboards to suit your needs. You’ll also find an awesome selection of water ski tubes.Shred Time 124 are 124cm twin tip free ride wakeboards that are perfect for younger riders that weigh up to 130 lbs. Beginners quickly learn carving and turning movements with 2 removable fiberglass fins. More advanced riders will benefit from the six fin dual thruster setup of the 134cm Fluid and Apocalypse wakeboards. The side fins are curved angling outwards at 11 degrees for extra hold on edge and a loose feel in neutral.Experienced riders will benefit from the lightning fast response and stiff carbon fiber reinforced construction of the Shockwave Carbon wakeboard. Airhead Rim Molded wakeboards are the strongest in the industry because of the multiple fiberglass rods that run through the core greatly increasing their overall liveliness. Be sure to look for a great water ski accessory to complement your board. Airhead is your one-stop-shop for wakeboards, wakesurf, water skis, and accessories.