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Advanced SUP Yoga with Kelli Nicole

Advanced SUP Yoga with Kelli Nicole

Like many great stories, mine started with a simple idea - to trade Colorado's winter wonderland for Southern California's unlimited sunshine, salty seas, and sandy shores.

I remember the exact day when I had made the choice to follow my dreams. At the time I was going to college full time in Fort Collins, going through an ugly breakup, teaching yoga at a gym as a "backup plan" making only $20 per class, and snowed in while I stared at pictures of beaches and other island life inspiration I had hung on my wall.

Times were pretty tough and my new found philosophy was simple; to give it all up and begin this new fresh imaginary lifestyle. I knew the universe had better plans in store for me.

Two months, some reckless optimism, and a car full of beach clothes later I was San Diego bound and finally on the journey that completely transformed my life.

Within the last three years this inception has grown from a fantasy into a proven reality full of opportunity and adventure.

I have been working, learning, exploring, and connecting with people all over the world. Just a handful of months ago some good friends back in Colorado asked me to write for their paddle-boarding blog AND be their SUP YOGA spokesmodel!

I dived into the opportunity immediately and in return I received the most amazing gifts. This provided me with Amansala; which is Sanskrit for "a peaceful place on the water." Just like my home base in San Diego, my Airhead SUP had become a sanctuary where I can connect with myself and nature.

It is my purpose to inspire others to live their dream lives and I realize that there is a huge demand in our busy society for more escapes, more vacations, more adventures, and more time away from the daily pressures of life.

In result, paddle-boarding can quite a sensational go-to-station for a workout, yoga or meditation session, reiki, Pilates, or anything in between!

This workable fitness method is the perfect destination to find your inner peace and a slimmer and sexier body. Not to mention all the fun you'll have finding new locations around the world for all of your paddle-board possibilities.

So far I've journeyed with my SUP on the high tides, coves, caves, bays, creeks, and airports. If you're a wanderlust junkie like me you'll love the thrill of finding and floating in unique places around the globe.

To our delight, this is for anyone in search of a slimmer figure and a bit more meaning and excitement in their life. If you've never tried an inflatable paddle-board I highly recommend you try it!

It will show you how to find beauty and inspiration in or out of your own environment, and discover the fun and joy that comes with moving your body and quieting your mind, while providing a sense of accomplishment.

I believe that a paddle-board is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself or anyone else who desires sustainable enjoyment that you can enjoy for a long time.

Then, Amansala can begin to light up your life. I hope to see you on the water!


Asana: Headstand

Sanskrit name: Salambasana Sirsasana

Level: Advanced

  • Kneeling on the board, interlace your fingers together and set your forearms on the middle of your board.
  • Lean forward bringing your the top of your head to the board and supporting the back of your head with your hands.
  • Inhale, walk your feet towards your head aligning your hips directly above your head.
  • Please be aware of your body's limits before proceeding to lift feet off the board.
  • If you feel confident, use your core strength and proceed to lift your feet until they are above your head.
  • Focus in on your balance and breath while holding the pose, release when ready.

SPIRITUAL FOCUS: Don't be scared of falling- Bring out your inner child and have fun!


Asana: Forearm Stand

Sanskrit: Pincha Mayurasana

Level: Advanced


  • Starting from downward facing dog, fingers spread wide.
  • Come into dolphin pose by placing bringing your elbows to the center board and grounding into your forearms.
  • Inhale, look forward at your hands and walk your feet a few steps closer to your elbows.
  • Exhale, lift your leg towards the sky and proceed to do mini hops by bringing your right foot to your left knee every time until you're more comfortable with being upside down for longer periods of time.

SPIRITUAL FOCUS: Soften your mind, believe in yourself and lift from your heart! 


Asana: Side Crow / Crane

Sanskrit: Parsva Bakasana

Level: Advanced


  • Being in thunderbolt pose (utkatasana) feet grounded in the center of your board, legs zipped together, squatting and lowering through the hips.
  • Inhale, keeping a bend in your knees lean forward planting your hands directly under your shoulders- fingers spread wide.
  • Exhale, bending at the elbows, bring your left knee to rest on your right tricep keeping your knees together.
  • breathe, and press the weight forward lifting through your chest.
  • Take a few breaths here then return to child's pose and balance out the other side.

SPIRITUAL FOCUS: "I am patient and curious with my practice"


Photo Credit: Ron Hons Photography // @hons24 //



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