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Airhead SUP Carrier Review

Airhead SUP Carrier Review

For those of you concerned about any difficulty carrying your SUP to and from the water, the Airhead SUP carrier is the perfect solution.

This SUP carrier has two straps that wrap around the board and a comfortable shoulder strap.

It allows you to easily transfer the weight of the board to your shoulder, which makes carrying the stand-up paddle board much easier.

It also includes an integrated water bottle holder as well as an integrated mesh bag to store sunscreen or other small accessories.

Your paddle can be secured in the straps as well so that your hands are completely free.

This SUP carrier is easy to use, convenient and best of all can be used not only with stand-up paddle boards, but with kayaks and surfboards as well.

In My Opinion..

In my opinion this SUP carrier is awesome. It’s super affordable and highly convenient.

Often you might be heading to the water with not only your board and paddle but with a backpack, drybag, lunch, kids in tow or in my case dog with leash in hand.

All of these things require free hands and carrying your board and paddle and still trying to keep a hand free for other important things can be tricky and take a little balancing.

This SUP carrier really does solve that problem and I found it easy to use.

The two straps clip together and are adjustable to be able to fit any size board.

I first used it on a very wide inflatable SUP and was still able to fit the straps around the board with no trouble.

The only negative I found was that the water bottle holder only holds a small water bottle not my big water bottle that I normally bring with me but the mesh bag fit my sunscreen perfectly which was handy.

Overall I think it’s a great buy and I feel confident that the majority of people will find it useful and convenient.

Once you get your board to the water just unclip the straps and either store under the bungee cords on your board or in a drybag.  If you don’t have any of these options you might be able to simply leave the carrier on the shore to wait for your return – depending on where you are paddling.

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