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Bass Fishing Tricks & Techniques from a SUP

Bass Fishing Tricks & Techniques from a SUP

By: Airhead SUP Ambassador, J.B. Spilker

Here are some of my favorite techniques & tricks to use during the summer for catching bass from an Airhead SUP. In addition, there is a little video footage to go along with this post to see some of these tips in action. Bass fishing from a SUP is a blast, especially when you are catching them. Stick around and read on for more stoke to help you get “Kraken” Bass!

Use the Wind

The weather can be a challenge on a paddle board, but there are things you can do to make life easier. Keep an eye on the wind, paddle boards don’t come with a motor. Going against the wind can really beat you up, so fish with it. Purchasing an anchor to keep you drifting slowly along, will help you fish more effectively. You will be able to spend more time casting, and less time paddling.

Rigging SUP for Bass Fishing

Change Baits or Move!

If you’re not catching fish, move or throw something else. I’ve heard it said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.” On an Airhead SUP you can move to spots others can’t get to. Go to those secluded areas, and try new things. I often change out my baits, every 20 or 30 minutes if I’m not getting bites. Moving or changing baits often is critical to success especially if you are on a good body of water with good populations of bass.

Think: Top, Middle, Bottom

When heading out in the summer think about fishing the top, middle, and bottom of the water column. I’ll have something to cover all those spots tied on, this way you can let the fish tell you where they are at. Often in the summer bass will be up shallower in the mornings and evening, then move off to the cooler deep as the temperatures warm up. Following them up and down as they move is key to catching more bass.

Best SUP Bass Fishing Baits

There are way too many different baits and rigs to choose from to try and use for Bass Fishing. Here are a few of my favorites this time of year. These baits always seem to produce consistently, but things may vary slightly depending on what is going on at the lake you are fishing.

Gavacho Frog

The Jackall Gavacho Frogis the perfect all around topwater bait for summer time. You can pop it, you can walk it, and it can go through all sorts of vegetation and cover without hanging up. It draws those big bass’s attention, and will get you some strikes!

Shaky Head Worm

TheShaky Head Wormis always a bass slayer in the summertime. It can slide through grass, and cover easily. Plus, it gets down deep quickly when those bass are lurking in the shadows of the depths to stay cooler. My favorite worms to use on a shaky head are things like aMegabass Dot Crawler, or a Zoom Trick worm. Something with some bulk and action gets the bass to bite.

Wacky Rig

A weightless wacky rig always produces fish especially those just cruising around out in the open foraging on whatever they can find. You can’t go wrong with a 5” baby bass, or green pumpkin senko on this set up. Wacky rigged weightless worms flat out work. They are a great open water bait to use when fishing from an Airhead SUP.


Paddle Board Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques Video

Here is a video of a rundown of how I put some of these tips and techniques to work on a morning of fishing out at Sand Hollow State Park Bass Fishing. Hopefully, seeing this tips in action can help you out in your bass fishing from an Airhead SUP:


Fishing from an Airhead SUPadds an extra element of fun. It is especially ideal for bass fishing. Standing up for casting, and the quite stealth of a paddle board has helped me catch bass I never would have reached. Don’t forget to subscribe toKrakenbass.comto see my paddle board fishing in action. My mission is to help you enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family, and to help you catch more fish.

As Always,
Stay Stoked!




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