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Best Accessories for Paddleboards

Best Accessories for Paddleboards

Over the past several years, stand up paddleboarding (SUP) has seen a surge in popularity, and it's easy to see why. It's simple enough for adults of all ages to do and can be a great way to exercise your core and balance while having fun in the water.

Before you grab your paddleboard and head out to the lake or ocean, there are a few accessories that you should definitely consider getting. Below are some of our recommendations to get you pointed in the right direction of the best accessories for paddleboards.

SUP Leashes

One of the very basic SUP board accessories is a paddleboard leash. There are several different kinds of leashes, with a variety of cords that stretch to different lengths. They will typically have a cuff that attaches to your ankle, with the other end of the leash attaching to the paddleboard itself. Utilizing a paddleboard leash every time you take your board into the water will ensure that your board stays nearby at all times and can also help reduce the risk of drowning.

Cargo Nets & Rigging

These SUP paddleboard accessories will enable you to bring even more accessories with you on your paddleboard adventures. A stretchy cargo net can be attached to the top of your board to hold down any gear you’d like to keep handy. Cup holders can also be attached to the board's surface. With these accessories, there's no reason to leave any of your on-the-water essentials behind.

Stand-up Paddleboard Pumps

Whether your preference is electric of hand-powered, there is an inflatable paddleboard pump to fill your needs. Ordinary pumps typically won't allow you to reach the high levels of psi that are required by an inflatable paddleboard, but there are several brands of stand up pumps that are made specifically for the job.

Paddleboarding With Your Dog

You shouldn't have to be separated from man's best friend while you're out on your paddleboard, and now you don't have to be. Surfers shouldn't get to have all the fun, taking their dogs along for the ride, and now your pet can experience the same thrill on a paddleboard. This board accessory is simply a durable foam pad with self-adhesive backing that you can apply directly to the surface of your board. It will provide a safe, comfortable spot for your dog to sit.

SUP Stabilizers

Are you new to paddleboarding? Do you have trouble balancing on top of the board? Maybe you intend to use your paddleboard for fishing or yoga. These SUP board accessories have you covered. Inflatable SUP stabilizers are like training wheels for your paddleboard, keeping you steady and upright at all times while you focus on the fun stuff. There's even an anchor kit for those times when you simply must stay in one place.

SUP Fishing Racks

Do you love to fish? Love to paddleboard? Now you can do both. You can choose from a sturdy, upright fishing rack that will hold two fishing poles and has plenty of space to hang gear or get a smaller rack that serves double duty as a rod holder and a secure place to attach a five-gallon bucket. Who needs a boat when you've got these great SUP paddleboard accessories?

Personal Floatation Devices

Always be sure to wear a personal flotation device anytime you're on or around the water. From life vests to inflatable belt packs, there are a wide variety of flotation devices to choose from. Also be sure to bring along a CO2 refill.

These are just some of the SUP board accessories you can choose from. There are plenty more to meet your needs and ensure that every trip you take on your paddleboard is a fun, relaxing one.



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