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Best Places to Enjoy Autumn From an Inflatable Kayak

Best Places to Enjoy Autumn From an Inflatable Kayak

There are a large variety of awesome inflatable kayak adventures that await you in many locations in the United States, and Autumn is a prime time to take your inflatable kayaks and kayak paddles and let your family experience the utter and memorable enjoyment of such an event that you will treasure for a lifetime.


Great Leaf Peeping From a Kayak: Maine


Approximately 13 percent of Maine is covered by water in the rivers, lakes, and wetlands. There are many great places to paddle within a couple hours’ drive from Portland that feature free parking and an easy launch site for paddlers. Some areas offer protected waters that are well-suited for kayakers of any skill level.


Some of the most beautiful leaf-peeping you’ll ever have the opportunity to do is happening all throughout Maine, usually in late September. You can time your trip for best foliage conditions by keeping an eye on them here.


IMPORTANT: It is advised not to venture off the coast since paddling on the ocean or any large body of water requires greater preparation, a seaworthy vessel, and more advanced skills.


Great Multi-Day Kayak Trip: Boundary Waters, Minnesota


The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Northern Minnesota is one of the most famous paddles in the country, and for good reason. The Area contains more than 1200 miles of kayak & canoe routes and upwards of 2000 campsites.


Great Kayak Trip for Fishing: Huron-Manistee National Forest, Michigan


The beautiful Huron-Manistee National Forest is home to five Congressionally designated Wild and Scenic rivers. The Manistee River is popular with anglers searching for salmon, steelhead, brown trout, small mouth bass and walleye.


Great Kayak Trip for Breathtaking Scenery: North Fork Flathead River, Montana


Situated directly alongside Glacier National Park, the North Fork of the Flathead flows cool and clear. The peaks of Glacier will watch you as you float by, along one of the most scenic places in the country.


Great All-Around Kayak Adventures: Lake Tahoe


Stradding California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe’s iconic landscape and surroundings make it ideal for a fall paddling vacation. With campgrounds and hiking a plenty, you won’t be lacking for adventure on and around the lake.


Looking for Whitewater?


Glacier National Park


This park and the surrounding waters offer some of the most amazing white water rafting trips in Montana, and they have been rated Number One by Trip Advisor. They are designed for a range of age and experience levels with half and full-day trips usually geared for ages 13 and up. They can be solo adventures or ones with a partner since the kayaks are designed for one or two people. These high-adrenaline trips are offered July through September. Wetsuits, helmets, and neoprene booties are normally provided by the tour guide.


Leavenworth, Washington


Start on a professionally guided tour in the Icicle River and go into Leavenworth, or wrestle the Wenatchee River with its class III rapids and waves starting from Leavenworth. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush on the best rivers in the Pacific Northwest, try the Class IV “Triple Shot” and “Tinley Falls” rapids. There are even Class II rapids for the little ones.


Why Inflatable Kayaks Are Great for All Experience Levels & Travel


Inflatable kayaks are open-top stable crafts designed for one or two paddlers. They are easy to paddle and maneuver, which makes them an ideal choice for novices, but some expert paddlers prefer them, also. They give the freedom, if you fall off, to flip it over and hop back on!


They are perfect for vacationing, camping, and for exploring remote areas. If you don't want to drive around with a kayak on your rooftop, know that some fit easily into the trunk of your car, suitcase, or duffel bag.


Kayaking is still enjoyed today by millions of people all over the world, some even for daily commuting, some while on a fishing trip, and by many as a very affordable hobby by those who have limited storage space and want to own a compact and portable quality boat. There are many inflatable kayaks that come complete with kayak paddles and pumps. Look for stability, durability, water and puncture resistance, stands up to rapids and rocks, and ease in inflating and deflating.


Kayak Paddles


A good collapsible kayak paddle with an adjustable blade angle is durable and lightweight. It breaks down into two sections so it can be conveniently stowed transport.


A Brief History Of The Kayak


The word kayak is from a Greenlandic language that is closely related to the traditional tongue of the Aleuts and Inuits of North America. It is a derivation of the native word qajaq, pronounced KAH-DJAK, which can be traced back many centuries. Kayaks have been used for over 4,000 years in the frozen northlands for travel and for hunting. The original kayaks were usually made of seal skin and sometimes from the hides of other animals. They were stitched together and stretched over a frame of whale bones or wood.


The best part...


Owning an inflatable kayak means it travels easily, so you never have to worry about lugging a big kayak with you on vacation when you are ready to tackle rapids for a heart-pounding experience.




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