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Best Places to go Snow Tubing

Best Places to go Snow Tubing

The sport of tubing is great for the entire family. There is nothing to learn except wear the proper winter clothing, get on the snow sled tube, hold on and enjoy the adrenaline rush while going down the hill. Many communities have hills within close proximity that see winter action year after year. However, there are many locations throughout the United States where tubing enthusiasts get the ride of a lifetime.


Tubing Considerations


Many believe that the first tubing enthusiasts began the sport in the Alps region during the 19th century. In the United States, it is not unusual for winter sports fans to grab an inner tube from cars or trucks. However, snow tube sleds are now more sophisticated. The popularity of the sport has also influenced many traditional ski resorts to construct special tubing hills. Where family or friends decide to go to enjoy the need for speed depends on whether you make the journey with children, want to ride back up the hill or take part in the sport at night.


Camelback Mountain-Tannersville, PA


Camelback ski resort boasts having the largest snow sled tube park in the United States. The idyllic destination is nestled in the Pocono Mountains and features 42 lanes designated especially for tubing. The facility also has conveyors for the convenience of guests. The park also features the ”Galactic” light show for winter sports enthusiasts who enjoy gliding in the snow under the moonlight and stars. Admission tickets are the same price for everyone regardless of age. Youngsters must be at least 33 inches tall and accompany a parent or other adult on a double tube. Children 44 inches and taller are allowed to sail the slopes on their own tubes.


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Wintergreen Resort-Wintergreen, VA


The reasonably priced tubing hill at Wintergreen is affectionately known as “the plunge” or the “scream machine.” The resort is located in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains and offers a 10-story peak that transforms into an undulating ride of more than the length of three football fields. The thrill ride enables blow up snow sleds to fly down the hill at speeds of up to 30mph. A conveyor takes guests back to the top of the hill. Unlike many resorts, Wintergreen is open six days a week and offers night tubing each night. Regulations include one person per tube. However, hooking tubes together for the ride down the hill is permitted. The facility has a 42-inch height restriction. Families having smaller children have the option of visiting nearby Ridgely's Fun Park.


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Timberlee Hills-Traverse City, MI


Timberlee Hills is not a conventional resort. The location features the largest hill in the state of Michigan that enables guests to glide down the slope the old-fashioned way without lanes. However, there is a handled tow system that takes tubing fans back to the top. There are no height restrictions and admission is the same for all. The fee is typically less expensive than what you encounter at ski resorts. The cost also includes tube rental. When you are ready to take a break and thaw out, the Timberlee’s Hilltop Hideaway boasts a bar and restaurant. Enjoy feasting on pizza and a beer or hot chocolate while getting warm by the fire.


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Mad River Mountain-Zanesfield, OH


Ohio is not known for majestic peaks. However, Mad River Ski Resort's Avalanche Tubing Park has 10 ribbon-styled lanes that enable snow sled tube riders to careen down undulating terrain on 1,000-foot runs. Avalanche Tubing is also the largest facility in the state. Two lifts take riders back to the top of the hill. There are no height or age restrictions. However, there are no tandem tubes. Youngsters must be able to ride independently. But, designated lanes allow riders to form chains when going down the slope. The all-inclusive admission fee includes tube rental. On Friday and Saturday nights, winter sports fans have the chance to tube till their heart's content, as the runs stay open until 1 A.M.


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Keystone Resort-Keystone, CO


For anyone who enjoys the beauty of the mountains, Keystone Resort is the place to enjoy blow up snow sleds in the Midwest. Adventure Point tubing hills begin at the top of Dercum Mountain surrounded by the White River National Forest. The facility features six tubing lanes that vary in height and speed. Beginners might prefer a more gentle glide while experienced tube fans enjoy the thrill of racing down other lanes. Magic carpet conveyors take guests back to the summit. There is tubing after sunset and some nights feature disco or music from the 80s blaring across the mountain. The resort also offers tubing year round. Children must be at least 42 inches tall to ride. Otherwise, families are welcome to go to the Keystone Nordic Center. Admission fee to Adventure Point is pricey. A one-hour ride is comparable to three hours at some other locations.


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