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Best SUP Destinations for Holiday Travel

Best SUP Destinations for Holiday Travel

If the snow and cold has you singing the blues this holiday season, then there are some outstanding spots just waiting for you to explore them on your standup paddleboard!

Swan River, Perth Australia

 Enthusiasts of all ability levels find the Swan River in Perth, Australia the perfect place to play. Novices need to watch the offshore easterlies in the morning and the onshore sea breeze in the afternoon. One reason that this area is so popular is that the river runs through very varied terrain making days spent on your board fantastic. If you are looking to meetup with other participants, then head slightly north or south of the city. With temperatures in the upper eighties and only a 13 percent chance of rain all month, this is where Santa heads as soon as the last gift is delivered for some rest and relaxation.

Sanur, Bali

Photo: Matt Croxson

If you have a team that is ready to travel, then make sure to consider Samur, Bali. The 11-mile channel running from Sanur to Lembogan will challenge even the best of teams while creating memories that will last a lifetime. If you are not quite ready to take on the channel, then consider paddling past the coral reefs at Sanur Beach and riding the waves back in. Since Bali is located on the equator, it makes a wonderful holiday destination. You may have to dodge some rain showers, but temperatures in the upper eighties makes SUP here thrilling in December.

Great Exuma, Bahamas


With the hurricane season being over by the holidays, Great Exuma, Bahamas, makes a delightful holiday getaway. Paddlers often enjoy 20 knot northeasterly winds that are perfect for exploring these tranquil waters. The waters are crystal clear so expected to see large schools of fish just below the water’s edge. Swells start breaking at about three feet enhancing the standup paddleboarding conditions in this ideal location. With highs in the upper seventies, you may want your wetsuit here to make the most of this amazing water.

Jacó, Costa Rica

Photo: Milei.vencel

Jaco, Costa Rica, offers amazing water conditions for SUP. In fact, the waters near Playa Hermosa offers some of the most consistent wave conditions in the world since it is located in the wave shadow of Niccya Peninsula. Hermosa means beautiful in Spanish and it certainly describes this scenic location with the entire area being a wildlife refuge. The winds, called papagayos, are ushering in the dry season by the end of the month making December the ideal time to SUP. Temperatures often top out in the low 90s so remember to bring your summer wardrobe and your suntan lotion.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Photo: Remulazz

While the temperatures will only be in the upper fifties, dawning some winter garb and SUPing at the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia offers amazing views of 16 unique waterfalls that can be seen from the water. The emerald-green landscape is simply amazing in the winter. While this country has seen a war, the locals will welcome you like lost friends providing you with warm hospitality. Expect quiet winds from the east that help move you along the scenic landscape of 16 lakes just waiting to be explored. Hidden among the lakes are caves with amazing wildlife found very few places on earth.

Detian Falls, China


With temperatures in the lower seventies, Detian Falls, China, is a perfect holiday SUP spot. These falls straddle the border between China and Vietnam. The waterfall measures 300 feet wide and flows down the moss-covered landscape into the Quy Xuan River below. Many unique plants live on the water making this standup paddleboarding experience a pleasant scenic experience. On the Vietnam side, this waterfall is called the Ban Gioc Falls and is famous in folk songs for its immense beauty. The holidays make a beautiful time of year to go SUPing at some of the best locations around the globe. Enjoying each unique spot for its beauty and the thrill of the ride allows you to enjoy the sport even more.



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