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Busted Wallet reviews Airhead Na Pali SUP

Busted Wallet reviews Airhead Na Pali SUP

airhead na pali sup at recently reviewed the Airhead Na Pali stand up paddleboard. BW did an extremely thorough review with great imagery and a full detailed breakdown on the item...below are a few highlights. Read the whole review at HERE


"If you are looking for a fun, relaxing, trending, friend making, alternative to a traditional exercise, check out a SUP . . . get yourself the NA PALI!. YUP the SUP is a GREAT VALUE!  You get a compact, portable, durable toy that will give you a good workout and help make you new friends!  The fact that the NA PALI is self-contained, storable, portable, and SUPer funable, makes it totally worth the MSRP."


Looking for a fun toy that will give you one hell of a core workout?  You need a stand up paddleboard (AKA – “SUP”).  Don’t have the room for a 10 foot plank, or a way to transport something of that size?  Well then, you NEED the Airhead NA PALI SUP!  It’s completely self contained in a mesh backpack: the paddle board, the pump, and the paddle (sold separately) all fit securely in the backpack.  Not to mention the fact that these things are TRENDY as can be right now – having lived in a beach town for a while (and now living just 30 miles from one), I speak from experience!  So – if you want to have hours of fun, make some new friends with your cool new toy (because you will attract a crowd!), and give your core and arms a great workout, look no further than the Airhead NA PALI SUP!






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