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Celebrate Fall: Throw a Last Hurrah on your Boat

Celebrate Fall: Throw a Last Hurrah on your Boat

Fall is now upon us, with boaters in many regions regretfully putting their boats up for the winter.


Some lucky boaters can still enjoy a little more time out on the water before they have to concede to the impending cold weather that's approaching. Now would be the ideal time to have that last hurrah out on the boat. Get your friends and family together and party, enjoy some water sports and games, and soak in the rays one more time!


If you really want to add some pizzazz, fun and excitement to your boat party, check out the tremendous variety and selection of towables and watersports gear we carry here on our website.


From water sports like waterskiing, wakeboarding, and water tubing, to water toys and games, Airhead and Sportsstuff has you well covered.


Check out the floating coolers, and really create a buzz with a selection from the floating trampolines. Accessories such as tow ropes, pumps, life jackets, and other needed items can be found as well.


Inflatable games, coolers, and water toys


What could be better for throwing a water party than inflatable games and coolers?


Floating coolers make accessing cold beverages from outside the boat, off a raft or dock, or hooked onto a tube really convenient and easy.


The Aqua Oasis inflatable floating coolers can keep 24 cans ice cold for hours. With six numbered cup holders and a built-in sundry holder, people can keep their drinks straight while having easy access to suntan lotion or other knick-knacks.


The Cooler Caddy can hold coolers up to a 48-quart molded cooler. It is equipped with a Speed Safety Valve for quick inflation/deflation, and a self-draining bottom.


If the water’s not too cold yet where you live, how about some water games? Water toys are really fun for people of all ages...and many are fun to play on shore too, if the water’s too chilly!


The Pongo Bongo Beverage Pong Table is an inflatable game table equipped with 12 cup holders. Constructed of heavy-gauge vinyl construction, many sunbathers like to flip it over after their game and use it as a float or air mattress. Ping Pong balls are included.


Lob The Blob is the aquatic version of Cornhole, and it's fun! Coming with four green and four blue blobs and one target with a 10-inch hole, it's a blast out on the water. Grommets on all four corners enable it to also be played on land.


Wanna go to war? A wide variety of Aqua Zooka squirt guns and bazookas are featured by Airhead. Go after other shooters, or really annoy people playing some water games nearby. Have fun with them!


Floating trampolines


Coming in 10-foot and 12-foot sizes, this is a great time bouncing, while being safe doing so.


Inflation in the single chamber is fast and easy. Floating trampolines in both sizes come with an attachable boarding platform, and include a sea-anchor system that keeps the trampoline stable when bouncing.


With a new elastic webbing frame system, there are no metal frames or springs to worry about, making this safe and really fun to try.




And of course...don’t forget to bring along your towable tubes, wakeboards & waterskis for this one last blast of the season!



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