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Great Winter Exercise: Snowshoeing

Great Winter Exercise: Snowshoeing

If you’re looking for a winter sport that’s not quite as high octane as snowboarding and skiing, snowshoeing is a great alternative. Whether you’re not the best at balancing on a snowboard, you have kids who aren’t old enough for the faster winter sports, or you just want to go on a nice hike with some friends, snowshoeing is both fun and a killer workout.


Wondering how snowshoeing stacks up as a workout? You may be surprised to learn just how beneficial it is for your overall health.


Health Benefits of Snowshoeing


Snowshoeing is a cardio workout, but since you’re wearing snowshoes which require you to pick your legs up high for every step, it also helps build your strength, agility, coordination, and balance. The added difficulty of wearing snowshoeing gear makes it much better for burning calories than walking, skiing, or even running at an equivalent pace.


So, just how many calories can you expect to burn? It varies heavily depending on your own pace and the type of terrain. For casual snowshoeing treks (about 2.5 miles per hour on packed snow without much of an elevation change), you burn about 420 calories per hour. If you take a more difficult hike (with powdered snow and plenty of hills) and increase your speed to about 3 miles per hour, you could burn over 1,000 calories.


Another benefit of snowshoeing is that it’s a low-impact workout. Snow may make walking more difficult, but it cushions each step. This takes some strain off your knees and doesn’t put near the wear and tear on them that running does.


Finally, the fresh air you get while snowshoeing is great for your overall health. Recent studies have found that fresh air and certain scents found in nature, such as the smell of pine trees, can reduce stress and help people relax. Winter is the season when people tend to get the least fresh air because of the colder weather, and snowshoeing is great for getting outdoors when the temperature drops.


Getting Started with Snowshoeing


One of the great things about snowshoeing is that it doesn’t take much in terms of gear to get started. All you really need to get started is a pair of snowshoes. A pair of trekking poles are also a wise investment, especially if you plan on tackling difficult trails with loose, powdered snow, as they give you some added stability. They also help you get a better workout, as you have to use more muscles and therefore burn more calories when using trekking poles.


While personal preference does come into play when you’re looking for snowshoeing gear, if you’re looking for the best snowshoes, it’s hard to go wrong with what our Yukon Charlie’s assortment offers. With snowshoes for men, women, and children, the shoes provide a nice balance between lightweight designs and a durable construction that can handle even the toughest hikes. They also have bindings that are easy to adjust, secure, and release even when you’re wearing gloves.


Our Yukon Charlie’s product assortment also includes some of the best trekking poles on the market. A fast-lock feature is a staple of these poles, and allows you to change the length of your trekking poles in just seconds. They also have comfortable, molded soft touch grips that don’t tire out your hands during long days on the mountain.


Snowshoeing gear is fairly inexpensive, but you can also save money by choosing an adventure kit that includes all the gear you need in one convenient bundle. We have several of these available, and they’re not only a great value, but also an excellent way to get some of the best snowshoes and trekking poles without spending too much time shopping around.


Your First Snowshoeing Expedition


Got your shoes and your trekking poles? Then it’s time to hit the trails. The best way to start is with some friends, especially friends who have experience snowshoeing. You can also join a snowshoeing group or take a class. Make sure to dress in plenty of layers and wear warm, waterproof clothing. Bring some water – even though it’s cold, you’ll still get thirsty.


Snowshoeing is a great exercise that you can do with the whole family, but it’s important to find the right snowshoes and the best trekking poles for you in order to stay comfortable while you trek.




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