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How to Dress for Snow Tubing & Sledding
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How to Dress for Snow Tubing & Sledding

Finally! It’s time to go snow tubing!

If you are planning a trip out to the slopes to enjoy a day on a snow sled or tube, one of the most important things to plan is finding great snow tubes for sale. After finding your tube, you then need to find a great location. But by far one of the most important considerations for a successful day on your snow tube sled is to dress appropriately. You want to get the most fun out of your day, which involves staying on the slopes as long as you can. Dressing in the right apparel will ensure that your group stays warm and dry. Here are our suggestions for a successful play day in the snow.

Base Layer

The layer that goes against your skin should be something that wicks away moisture. When you are actively involved in pulling a snow sled or tube up a hill, and then plunging down the hill, you will sweat, no matter how cold it is. Having a moisture wicking material as your first layer will pull any moisture away from your body, helping to keep you warm and dry. Look for polypropylene or wool thermal underwear and wool socks. Do not use cotton: it will not wick away moisture from your skin!

Warming Layer

The next layer is the one that is designed to keep you warm. Typically, this is where you would choose a wool sweater, a down vest, or a synthetic material like fleece: this mid-layer is designed to keep your core warm. For most snow tubing adventures, our suggestion is to choose a synthetic fleece material. This will keep the warmth in, and it’s cozy as well as light weight. Synthetic fleece tops or hoodies are easy to find and they are reasonable in price as well.

Waterproof Layer

The top layer of your clothing must be waterproof. Think snow pants and a waterproof jacket. This layer’s purpose is to keep melting snow from reaching your warming layer. If you are a person that finds it hard to stay warm, this is where you may want to invest in a down-lined jacket. But the main thing to remember for the outer layer is this: keeping dry is key to remaining warm during your day in the snow.

Head, Hands and Feet

Don’t forget to keep your head warm! A good warm hat is essential, as are waterproof gloves or mittens. (Quick tip here: mittens actually can keep your hands warmer than gloves!) You may want to wear a scarf or neck gaiter to keep your neck warm, as well. Your footwear should be waterproof boots or shoes designed to repel water. You can find snow boots or shoes with wool lining inserts if you need that extra bit of insulation to keep your toes nice and warm.

Quick Tips

Designing your snow tube/sled day clothing in layers will allow you to be flexible if the day warms up at mid-day. You may want to shed that outer waterproof parka for a little while; having a warm fleece hoodie as your middle layer will allow you to do this. If you are worried about getting that layer wet, you also have the option to remove the middle layer while keeping your thermals on as well as your waterproof outer layer.

Extra Clothing

Accidents happen. If you land in a puddle of melted snow, you may need to change part of your ensemble. Be sure to pack extra clothing options so you can change into dry apparel as needed. It’s very easy to get your gloves or mittens wet, so we advise always packing extras. Once you are finished with your day in the snow, you will want to change immediately into warm, dry clothing.

To sum it up, in order to keep yourself warm and dry during your outing, you need:

-Wicking undergarments to keep moisture away from your skin,
-Warm layering garments, typically made of synthetic fleece
-Waterproof top layer jacket and snow pants to keep dry, and
-Warm hats, waterproof gloves and waterproof boots.

Final Advice

Once you have located some great snow tubes for sale and you have figured out the best locale for your day in the snow, you want to ensure that your group stays warm and dry in order to maximize the time you spend in the cold. Remember: think layers, bring extra clothes, and keep an eye on your group during the day to make sure everyone is staying warm and dry. And have a great day out there on the snow!



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