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ISUP World reviews the Airhead High Pressure Inflator

ISUP World reviews the Airhead High Pressure Inflator


Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard World does the most thorough job on iSUP product and accessory reviews that anyone else on the web. Recently they reviewed our High Pressure SUP inflator and raved about it's convenience and functionality.


"I love using an electric pump with my inflatable boards. It makes inflation super easy and fast. I’ve tried several pumps over the years and from what I’ve seen there are really only a few electric pumps on the market that really work well with inflatable stand-up paddleboards and that are able to get them inflated to the proper PSI level. The Airhead High Pressure Electric Pump is one of the good ones. This pump has a 10’ power cord and alligator clips that attach to your vehicle battery as well as a car lighter style plug for 20 amp outlets. I found it to be convenient, lightweight, and very useful."


Check out the entire review by clicking HERE 




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