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Make 2014 the Summer of Safe Boating

Make 2014 the Summer of Safe Boating

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Follow These 5 Safety Tips Before Putting Your Boat in the Water


1. Lifejackets are designed for use up to 10 years. Check the harness and straps for wear and tear. Remember, every passenger must have a personal floatation device on board the boat. It can be a Type II Keyhole, Type IV Throw Cushion, or our ideal recommendation, a Type III life vest. Shop our 2014 line of adult and child sizes to replace your unusable life jackets.


2. Check the expiration date of your on-board fire extinguisher and your emergency kit supplies.


3. Attach your boat keys to a floating keychain.


4. Test all boating lights and buy extra batteries.


5. Check the strength of all towable ropes and harnesses for wear and tear.


Give Summer 2014 a cool start. Check out the latest gear from Airhead. Shop our hottest towables and boating accessories now!





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