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My WaterMat

My WaterMat

If your truck matches your boat or if your team's flag proudly flies high at the end of your dock, then MyWaterMat is the genuine WaterMat® product for you.

Show your true colors from 13 vibrant choices, and select the MyWaterMat to match your boat, the canopy, your house, your favorite sports team or even your swimsuit! Heck, mix and match to create a unique and distinctive configuration. Start with one or two MyWaterMats and then add one every year to extend the fun.

Big plans on the 4th of July? Order an "All American" package by Memorial Day (each MyWaterMat is built to your spec and ships within 2-3 weeks) with one in red, one in white and one in blue.

Wanna put your logo or team mascot on your MyWaterMat? Call 1-888-4-MAT-FUN to explore possibilities.

Every MyWaterMat comes with connecting points on opposite corners that enable you to create an archipelago of fun. Create new games, from a wet version of Hopscotch to running the gauntlet for time. There is no limit to how many you can connect and no limit to how much fun you can have jumping, running or lounging on the MyWaterMat!

Because the MyWaterMat is custom-built to meet your needs, they are not returnable. Please feel free to request color samples.



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