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Safety this Summer & New Products for 2014

Safety this Summer & New Products for 2014

It’s finally time to uncover the boat and welcome Summer 2014! And we know you’re ready to get the boat in the water, pack a cooler and slather on the sunscreen for some outdoor fun.  But don’t forget the safety, check all your PFD’s for condition, wear and tear and do they still fit everyone - especially kids as they have grown over the winter.


airhead angler bay


Safety in the Sun


A great season on the water starts with preparation and safety, check those PFD’s, your boater safety kit with signaling device (whistle), bailer and a paddle... just in case.  Water safety always comes first, so here’s a few tips to make sure your summer is fun and safe:

• Test the strength of your ropes before using
• Check your pumps to make sure they are functioning before you set out
• Have everyone - young children, inexperienced swimmers and experienced swimmers alike -  wear life jackets when boating.  A life jacket can only work if you wear it.
• Always have one person on board in addition to the driver who can monitor the safety of all riders being towed behind your boat
• Only swim in designated areas supervised by lifeguards - and stay with a buddy!
• Never leave a young child unattended near water - even with a life jacket
• A small battery powered LED flashlight is good to tuck into all life jackets on board - make sure to check those batteries!
• If you are heading out with your family, consider taking a safety & CPR course



Here are a few other resources to check before heading out this summer:

New Advances in Personal Rescue Beacons - Boating Mag
Safety Tips for Beginners - Discover Boating


airhead switchback


New Products this Summer


While hibernating this winter, our design team had lots of extra time to brainstorm and dream up new ways to enjoy summer, so we’re excited to finally unveil Airhead’s Summer 2014 line of speedboat tubes, towables and boating accessories.


airhead big dog 6What’s the worst part about going out in the family boat? Waiting your turn for a ride on the tube! The Big Dog 6 and the Big Dog 5 ensure everyone gets a turn, with up to 6 passenger capabilities! The new Switchback four-person tube allows for comfortable and varied seated riding. Test your upper body strength against two friends with the Master Blaster, which can rocket up to three passengers riding on their stomachs. Hold on tight!


sportsstuff master blaster

Speed isn’t always the name of the game on the water. It’s all about having fun. Hook up the Spillway slide to your pontoon boat to see who can make the biggest splash down into the water. Adults and kids can join in on the fun. Ready to chill? The Cantina Lounge float seats up to four and you can dangle your legs into the refreshing water while you catch some rays. And don’t forget the beverages — the middle section holds extras and everyone has their own cup holder!


Give Summer 2014 a cool start with the latest gear from Airhead. Shop towables and boating accessories now!


sportsstuff spillway pontoon slide    sportsstuff cantina lounge




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