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Setting the Pace for Summer: Pace 1030 iSUP Review

Setting the Pace for Summer: Pace 1030 iSUP Review

By: Airhead SUP Ambassador, Kimberly Ciesla

Setting the pace for summer and paddling my way halfway through a second season as an Airhead SUP Ambassador has provided me with plenty of opportunity to truly familiarize myself with the Airhead SUP Pace 1030 iSUP.

Performance by Design

When I first received this board last spring, I could not help but to be extremely excited to take this iSUP for a ride. The PACE, slated as Airhead SUP’s top performance inflatable stand up paddleboard has great performance by design, with its long tapered nose and slightly tipped up rocker allowing it to glide fast and agile through the water, easy to use, even for a beginner. Additionally, the extra thick traction pad with its striking design and bright colors are not only eye catching but also offer great visibility while paddling. An important feature for this avid outdoors woman who strives to be proactive in promoting safety on the water and water stewardship for paddlers. But most importantly noted in the Pace 1030 design is the solid drop stitch technology giving this board a greater edge in inflatables than one would not normally expect, creating a stiff, lightweight inflatable structure that can easily be packed and stored and redeployed, looking great and performing remarkably over and over.

Loving the SUP Life

Since receiving the Airhead SUP Pace 1030 (and Pace 1230 for my husband) nearly two years ago we have been loving the SUP life in our Pure Michigan paradise having gone on many great adventures!  Many of which occurred right in our own backyard, exploring and paddling both Grand Traverse Bays, as well as “The Most Beautiful Place in America” at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, and the many rivers and inland lakes throughout Northern Lower Michigan.  There were also many road trips “Upnorth” packing our iSUPs in their mesh backpacks and stowing them conveniently in the back of our JEEP Wrangler or camper trailer. 

The pace handled extremely well on mostly flat water, however, we were able to enjoy some paddle time in choppier waters and larger waves as our skill level increased realizing that the larger Pace 1230 offered a bit more stability especially in these rougher conditions than that of the Pace 1030 with its shorter length.  

Pace 1030 Specifications

  • Board size: 10’6” x 30” x 6” (320 x 76 x 15 cm)
  • Board weight: 24 lbs. (10.9 kg)
  • For Paddlers 100 – 240 lbs. (45 – 109 kg)

Included with the Pace 1030:  Mesh Backpack, Stainless Steel Tow Ring, Hi Pressure Hand Pump, Pressure Gauge, Valve Wrench, Board Strap & Repair Kit.


Pace 1030 Features

6 Stainless D-Rings  

There are 6 stainless D-Rings located on the Pace 1030  Four are located at the top of the board which is used by the stretch bungee tie down.  One is located at the foot or tail of the board which is where you should attach your safety leash, and one additional D-ring on the bottom tip of the board which can be used for anchoring your board.  Having plenty of D-rings are always quite handy to allow for tying down dry bags and other additional cargo and more importantly safety leashes i.e. the Airhead SUP Heavy Duty Board Leash and/or Airhead SUP Paddle/Rod Leash.

Air-7 Box with 9” Race Removable Fin

Both the Pace 1030 and 1230 include the “Air-7 Box with 9” Race Removable Fin.  The beauty of the Air-7 Box allows for the ease to attach and remove the 9” race fin using the thumb screw and square nut provided that locks the fin in place. NOTE:  We recommend that you attach the fin prior to heading to the beach and water, or at least be extremely careful if you do as the fin attaches with a very small thumb screw and nut which can easily be dropped and disappear forever in the sand and water.

EZ Push Hi Pressure Valve 

Located at the top tip of the board the EZ Push Hi Pressure Valve allows for quick and easy inflating and/or deflating using the Hi Pressure Hand Pump and Pressure Gauge or if you would like to get on the water quicker, you may use the Airhead Super High Pressure Air Pump (SOLD SEPARATELY). 

Carry Handle

Both the Pace 1030 and 1230 have an extra large and comfortable padded handle located in the center of the board for ease in transporting your board to and from the water. Or if you prefer you could use the Airhead SUP Carrier (SOLD SEPARATELY) for even greater comfort and ease in transporting your SUP with less strain. 


One of the greatest benefits of an inflatable stand up paddleboard is its versatility and ability to be able to be packed away in its convenient mesh backpack to be stored for the season easily and without taking up much space, or to travel along with you anywhere your adventures may take you even if you drive a compact car or in our case a JEEP Wrangler ;-) 



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