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Six Reasons Houseboating Makes the Perfect Vacation

Six Reasons Houseboating Makes the Perfect Vacation

Six Reasons Houseboating Makes the Perfect Vacation


Needless to say, we aren’t Disneyland people. We are boating people. It’s safe to say we would pick a houseboat trip over an amusement park any day. As a writer for Houseboat magazine, I’ve been all over the country on houseboating vacations. I’ve stayed on huge boats, old boats, million-dollar boats and rental boats. I can honestly tell you there is nothing like a houseboat vacation.

1. When you wake up, you’re already on vacation. There is no driving, getting everything you need together for the day, waking up early or anything else that a hotel vacation means. You can crawl out of bed to see the sunrise over the lake or sleep until noon. Whatever time you get up, you are already right where you’re supposed to be.

2. Different lakes mean different experiences. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Lake Powell where you are surrounded by red rock when you step off the bow of the houseboat or fed the deer at Lake Shasta in Northern California while anchored in a secluded cove. Another great experience is Lake Ouachita in Arkansas, which just happens to be one of the cleanest lakes in the U.S. Maybe consider alligator hunting on the St. Johns River in Florida, cruising Lake Texoma in Texas, or sleeping on the top deck after a concert on the Mississippi River. Or try houseboating just over the border on the beautiful lakes in British Columbia. The point is houseboating can give you the adventure of a lifetime and different lakes offer different things.

3. It’s a great way to hang out with extended family. Renting a houseboat can cost more than an average hotel. But the average boat can sleep way more people. Plan your next family reunion on a houseboat and then everyone can chip in to get the cost down. Plus if everyone takes a turn cooking, it’s even more relaxing for all.

4. There is no better bonding time. Since you’re on a houseboat, your schedule is much more open than a typical vacation. It allows for you to sit down and really talk with your friends and family. Every houseboating lake in America is filled with coves where you can spend time with your loved ones without the outside noise. One day you can fish, then the next you can swim. Or do both on the same day. It’s much easier to keep multiple people happy on a houseboat.

5. Book your boat during the off season. When the winter blues set-in for Midwest dwellers, pack your bags and head to Lake Havasu or Lake Powell. The weather will be a perfect 70 degrees. This is a wonderful pick-me-up during the winter months. If you go over Tuesday-Friday, you’ll save money with an off-peak rate and miss the higher traffic the weekend brings.

6. Start your trip out right. Once you’ve decided what lake to visit and who you’re going with, rent your boat. A houseboat is not something you’ll save money on by waiting until the last second. The boats go quickly during the summer months so book your boat as soon as you can. Once you’ve committed, you’ll have something to look forward to and you can start organizing who will be bringing what. Since there is no nearby convenience store, you must have everything you need or do without.

You won’t be disappointed if you spend your next vacation renting a houseboat. I’ve heard before that if you can’t relax on a houseboat, then you can’t relax anywhere and I believe it to be true. If you’ve never been on a houseboat, then now is the perfect time.



Article written by Katie Burke



Katie Burke is the Editor of Houseboat Magazine and the Assistant Editor of Pontoon & Deckboat Magazine 





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