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Sledding versus Snow Tubing
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Sledding versus Snow Tubing

Snow plus ice can add up to a lot of fun. Once the cold weather comes, bundle up and get outside! Whether it's in your own backyard, a nearby park or at a resort, it’s all good.


Sleds and snow tubes add to the fresh air, providing invigorating activities. The two sports are very similar and can use similar types of equipment. Personal preference is the deciding factor. Both provide a stimulating alternative to ice skating, skiing or playing bandy for both children and adults.


Throughout history, sledding has evolved from being strictly a form of transportation to what is now a favorite winter pastime. Flopping onto a sled to add momentum to speed up the ride is a long-standing practice. Concentrate on steering as a preface to your next trip down. Safety first, but the path you choose can have twists, turns and other exciting developments. It’s all about you.


Standard disc sleds, in foam or plastic, are excellent for children. Grownups may prefer larger models, either plastic snow sleds, wood toboggans or ones made of a variety of other materials.


Sleds have shapes that range from traditional to eclectic. Popular bullet sleds are lightweight and are known to increase ride speeds. A 36” wood sled may be more suitable, molded handles provide secure, safe grip and rails on the bottom aid tracking.


When you purchase a sled look for safety features such as well-made handles and hard bottoms. If considering an inflatable, make sure the material is durable and good quality to withstand cold temperatures.


Another alternative to sledding, snow tubing has been around since the 1800’s and quickly developed into fun backyard play. Today, nearby resorts even provide rental tubes and perfectly groomed hills. Staff at these facilities ensure that ice conditions are ideal for the stimulating trip down the mountain. Snow tubes and chutes (aka lanes) form “snow waves” specifically designed for maximum excitement. Lifts carry tubers back to the summit. Whether you’re a solo adventurer or with family and friends who like to race, it’s an awesome way to spend the day.


Snow tubes can range from 36 to over 60 inches. Repair kits are available for minor repairs. These kits include patches, pumps and other essentials to make sure minor inconveniences don’t spoil a good time.


Graphics and bright colors up the experience as you fly by. Choose one that reflects your inner flying hero! Tubes make excellent holiday or birthday gifts for all ages.


Children should always wear specially designed safety helmets when sledding or snow tubing. This is especially true for those under age 12, but a smart safety precaution for any age.


Choose your equipment, get outside and enjoy winter playtime. Regardless of your lifestyle, don’t spend long boring months stuck inside.




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