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Small Boating Accessories that Will Protect Your Boat, Gear, and YOU
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Small Boating Accessories that Will Protect Your Boat, Gear, and YOU

Regardless of whether you’ve just purchased your first boat, or whether you’ve owned one for a while, there are a few boating accessories that you need to have. When traveling alone or with your family, you want to make sure you’re prepared with these important items before you set sail.

Thankfully, many of these small boat supplies won’t cost much. This is an investment that will come in handy every time you’re out boating.

Small Boating Accessories that Will Protect Your Boat

Boat Bungee Dock Line

A bungee dock line is an essential accessory, as it secures your boat to the dock or on another boat when you are rafting. When you are away from your boat, a dock line comes in handy when you need to tie it up elsewhere, or at your mooring.

A bungee dock line works best when docking a small boat that is under 4,000 pounds. The strength of the line is quite impressive and convenient if your boat tends to be knocked around by other boats or pylons.

Dock Bumpers and Boat Fenders

Boat owners cherish and love their boats and they should! Dock bumpers and boat fenders will help you protect your investment. Weather, or other less cautious boaters, often bring about unexpected circumstances that put boats at risk of being damaged.

Small Boating Accessories that Will Protect Your Gear

Dry Bag

Waterproof dry bags will keep your belongings dry and safe while out in the water. They come in different shapes and sizes, and you can add your own zippered plastic storage bags in the mix to keep other valuables, like a watch, compass, phone, ring or any other jewelry that you might have safe. The bags will provide your belongings with protection against small water splashes and surfaces that are watery…or when the worst-case scenario of something falling overboard occurs.

Waterproof Camera and Binoculars

A waterproof camera is useful when you want to take pictures of the scenes you pass by and your family as you enjoy your boat trip. You can take goofy pictures of your children playing in the water, or the shenanigans they get up to. It is a great way of saving the memories of your trip. An inexpensive waterproof camera will work just fine, or you can also protect your nicer camera using a dry bag made specifically for cameras.

You’ll also want to have waterproof binoculars handy, watching your children as they swim, or looking out for other boats in the water with you. This way you can avoid other boats and keep your children and family safe.


Get yourself a quality multi-tool that will save you from a lot of frustrations when you are on your own or with family and friends. Your toolkit should have a shackle, two deck keys, zipper pull screwdriver, and has stainless steel blades so that they can last a while. Stock it up with marine safe tools as well, like pliers, wrenches, and sockets. A flashlight is important as well.

Since this accessory doesn’t float, you should consider attaching it to a key lanyard with a small float attached.

Small Boating Accessories that Will Protect YOU

Life Vests

When you purchase a boat, make sure you buy life vests. You should consider buying several so that you have more than enough for your family, and extra for anyone who will require them when you have guests aboard. Life vests are made to suit the various height and weight variations. They come in different materials, colors, and specifications.

Rain Gear

The weather can change abruptly while you’re in the water, and it can make your boating trip end sooner than you planned. Pack rain gear to protect you from the wind and rain that pop up. Also, it’s wise to pack an extra set of clothing and towels in a dry bag. You’ll pat yourself on the back for having them on stand-by.


You can find many of these accessories at at affordable prices. Contact us if you have any questions about which accessories work best for you.



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