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Snow Sledding Family Checklist

Snow Sledding Family Checklist



Ready to hit the slopes? Not so fast! There's nothing worse than getting the whole family to the sledding hill before realizing you've left somebody's gloves or -- perish the thought -- your sleds back at home. Here's a checklist to make sure everybody has exactly what they need to stay warm, comfortable and happy.


Clothes for every sledder


It's easiest if every sledder wears (or at least carries) his own layers. Any extra layers that aren't needed right away can be tucked into a plastic tub or backpack. If any little ones are along, it's especially good to have an extra change of clothes in case they end up wet. And remember, no cotton!


• Long underwear (top and bottom)
• Fleece insulating layer (top)
• Waterproof or water-resistant jacket
• Insulated snow pants OR a non-insulated snow pants and another fleece layer on the bottom.
• Warm socks
• Warm hat
• Gloves or mittens
• A balaclava or neck gaiter for covering faces; they're safer than scarves.


Gaiters can keep snow from creeping into your shoesbut are optional. Also, it's a good idea to bring an extra fleece layer for everybody, just in case they get cold (or need to change on the way back home). 


If you have small children, stitch each end of a long cord to one mitten, then run the cord through one sleeve and out the other to keep those mittens close, even if they fall off.




Don't forget snacks! They do a lot to soothe cranky sledders of all ages, and staying well-fed and hydrated also helps keep everybody warm. Pack a thermos of hot cocoa, tea or coffee, along with your favorite snacks that can still be eaten when cold. Chocolate, candy bars and trail mix are two of my favorites.


If you're going to be out all day, it's worth the trouble to bring a camp stove along and surprise everybody with a hot meal, or at least a refill on their hot cocoa.


And don't forget to have some warm food & drinks ready to heat up when you get home too!


One other thing...


Don't forget to pack the sleds! If you're using inflatables, make sure you have an air pump along too. But beyond that, you really don't need much else beyond a sense of fun and, if everybody tends to end up soaking wet on your sledding outings, a towel for each person to dry off with.







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