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SUP Fishing: A New Perspective On the Water

SUP Fishing: A New Perspective On the Water

Stand up paddleboard fishing is increasing rapidly in popularity for several reasons. An SUP is cheaper and easier to transport than a boat. Its streamlined design is stealthier and more quiet than using a motor and allows you more mobility for fishing those hard to reach spots. There’s also an added difficulty to overcome being required to maintain your balance while trying to catch and land fish.
Maybe you’ve been out at the lake and saw a guy standing on a board with a fishing rod, and thought “that looks fun.” Maybe you’re already a master angler whose looking for a new way to fish? Either way we’ve put together the following checklist of necessities you need to remember when fishing on a Stand Up Paddleboard.
  • Board – You want your board to be wider and flatter for fishing. If you don’t have a wide board, you can add a set of our SUP Stabilizers for added stability.
  • Paddle – You won’t be able to go anywhere without a paddle, make sure you pack it. Also remember a paddle leash in case you drop your paddle.
  • Anchor – Have an anchor with adjustable rope length so you can adapt to the depth you will be fishing. Make sure you have a place to attach it on your board.
  • Sunscreen – Nobody likes to be sun burned, always pack extra.
  • Bug Spray –You’re on the water, often at dusk, which is when bugs feed on human blood. Always have bug spray available.
  • Cooler – For storing drinks, sitting on, and keeping fish in.
  • Water – One of the most overlooked things to bring is water, make sure you bring enough for as long as you will be on the water.
  • Ice – Depending on how long you will be out you may want a little ice for your drinks and to keep your catch cold.
  • Food –If you’re going to be gone a short time, bring energy bars. SUPing takes a lot out of you and energy bars are always good to have. If longer pack snacks or a lunch.
  • Towel – Bring a dry towel, keep it in a waterproof dry bag. In case you fall in, or have to clean up your board.
  • Sunglasses –The water reflects sun so you'll need to have glasses. Preferably polarized glasses because they will reduce glare for increased visibility of the fish you're after. Don’t forget something to keep the glasses on your head in case they fall off. Most sunglasses don't float.
  • Hand towel or rag – For cleaning your glasses or gear.
  • Phone – Make sure it is in some sort of waterproof dry bag. You will want it for pictures or to use as a map & GPS.
  • First Aid Kit – Put a small First aid kit on your SUP with the basics.
  • Life Preserver and Signaling Device – Required for all SUPs, per USCG rules.
  • Pocket Knife – Always good to have.
  • Ziplock Bag – Bring a couple in different sizes, they come in handy.
  • Hat and Face Cover or Bandana – Just an old hat, good for keeping the sun out off your face and head.

Next don’t forget the tackle.

  • Pliers – A must, keeping them on a lanyard is a good idea since the possibility of dropping them overboard is substantially greater while on a SUP.
  • Tackle – Keep your tackle in an organized water tight box. Go light, only the basics, as you don’t have tons of room on you board.
  • Net – For bringing in fish, always a good idea to keep a net with you.
  • Measuring device – If you are going to keep a couple fish for dinner then have one and know the rules for keeping fish.
  • Rod & Reel – No Brainer & 100% necessary unless you're bow fishing or hand lining.



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