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The 2014 Airhead SUP Blog Collection

The 2014 Airhead SUP Blog Collection

We published over 20 articles on Standup Paddle Boarding this year creating a wealth of information for SUP enthusiasts. This SUP library features a wide range of topics that vary from SUP disciplines and the SUP industry to several introductions to the sport itself and what it entails. This post combines all the articles we wrote in 2014 into a categorized resource guide.

All the yellow titles below link to the original articles. Happy reading!


These articles are perfect for the person who is looking to purchase a SUP or someone getting into Paddle Boarding for the first time.

SUP Basics:Stand Up Paddle boarding is currently the fastest growing watersport in the world.Why shouldn't it be? It's a great work out, you don't need a boat, and you can even bring your dog. Perfect for those interested in SUP, offering lots of useful information for the SUP novice.

Choosing a SUP Paddle: Just like a good fitted pair of shoes makes all the difference, a suitable paddle will make your time on the water much more enjoyable. A helpful guide to aid with choosing the right paddle.

Tips for the Progressing Standup Paddle Boarder: There are a magnitude of ways to enjoy a stand up paddle board, but many people don’t know the proper etiquette when SUPing.These tips are great for the SUPer who has spent time on a board, but wants to progress even more.

Lingo and Terminology of the SUP Industry: Standup Paddle Boards are full of terms that every person who is starting SUPing should know. This is a list of the basic terms and parts of a SUP.

SUP Transportation: Transporting Stand Up Paddle Boards is one of the hardest and most unique challenges. Tips, tricks, and useful information about transporting SUPs.



Highlighting what’s going on in the SUP industry.

SUP Events Coming To A Town Near You!: With the ever growing popularity of Stand Up Paddle boarding and its various disciplines there are several events, festivals, races and tours starting to be launched across the world. A guide to some of the top events in the SUP industry, along with links to even more events.

The SUP Industry Today: We all know Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the fastest growing sport in the world right now. Some of the statistics about SUP might surprise you.It took less than 10 years for SUP to go from a non recognizable word to a household name. A breakdown of what’s going on in the SUP industry right now.


Articles that focus on SUP gear.

Cold Weather SUP: With the leaves and weather starting to change all over the country, cold weather is in the air. For many people that means they have to pack up their paddle boards for the winter. This article highlights the gear and things SUPers need to understand when going out for a cold water paddle.

An Inside Look At the Technology of Inflatable Paddle Boards: iSUPs are becoming more and more popular among the stand up paddle boarder crowd. A look into inflatable paddle boards and why they are becoming so popular.

What Stand Up Paddleboard Shape Defines You?: Stand Up Paddle board shapes come in a variety of shapes that affect the way the board handles in the water. This article goes over the many shapes and uses of different SUP boards, as well as helping you find the right board.

Do SUP Fins Really Matter?: Stand up paddleboard fins are an essential part of your paddleboard rig.Without fins your board would start to turn radically with every stroke, making the whole paddling experience pointless. Why fin choice is so important from different types of fins to fin set-ups.


The physical & mental benefits of Standup Paddle Boarding.

SUP the New All-In-One Gym?: Standup Paddle Boarding is everywhere now.More and more people are getting out on boards and going for paddles.But what are all the health and fitness benefits of paddle boarding? This article takes an in depth look at the health benefits of SUP.


These articles talk about the many types of SUPing.

The Elite Sport of SUP Racing: Stand up Paddleboard Racing is a new and exciting competitive water sport that is blowing up. Why? SUP racing combines all the great characteristics from SUP, canoeing, kayaking, and swimming and puts them all in one race. An introduction to SUP racing and some insight into the new elite sport.

Whitewater SUP, Because Whitewater Kayaking Is Just Too Easy: What is whitewater SUP? Whitewater stand-up paddle boarding is relatively new, smashing together elements of surfing, kayaking and rafting into one extreme sport. A look into one of the most extreme paddling discipline ever.

SUP Yoga. What Is It? & Why Has It Gained So Much Popularity?: Stand up paddle boarding is the latest athletic craze since roller blades.Since the sport was invented SUP yoga has been gaining popularity at a phenomenal rate as well. The reasons SUP Yoga has become one of the biggest parts of the SUP industry and why it is so popular.

SurfSUP: The original Stand up Paddle Boarding discipline! Stand Up Paddleboard surfing (or SUP surfing) is, depending on which way you look at it, either the newest or the oldest kid on the water sports block. The original form of SUP but taken to new heights since the sport has gained popularity.

A New Breed of SUP Explorers: Rugged and daring individuals who find that Standup Paddle Boarding across great distances of water is fulfilling and are summoned to the challenge by higher powers or perhaps the voice within. The newest and possibly most challenging SUP discipline, expedition paddling, is growing in popularity and records are being made.


Even more places to find info, all in one place.

SUP Resource Library: SUP has become a house hold term recognized by most in the last few years. Additional information on SUP including websites and magazines dedicated to the sport. For those who want to learn even more about SUP.

2014 was quite an interesting year for SUP. Many new records were made, some were broken, and SUP continued maintaining its rapid growth. New board shapes are immerging, getting lighter, stronger, and faster. New companies are popping up every month with the next “Big Thing” in SUP technology. Events are rising in attendance each year and new events are coming out each week. 2015 looks to be an even bigger year in Standup Paddle Boarding as more and more people are trying SUP for the first time and loving it!



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