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The Best Gifts for Outdoor Adventurers

The Best Gifts for Outdoor Adventurers

We get it. Finding the perfect gift for everyone can be tough, especially when we’re all maxxed out during the holiday season. Luckily, if you need to come up with gifts for outdoor adventurers, look no further...we’ve got you covered!

Traction Aids


Stocking Stuffers


 - Traction Aids: If you’re shopping for someone who lives where it gets cold or icy, a good set of traction aids will help keep them out on the trails longer!

 - SUP Accessories: Trying to find the perfect item for a paddling enthusiast? SUP accessories are always the perfect choice.

 - Dry Pak Electronics Cases: No matter who they are, if they go outside, their stuff might get wet. A Dry Pak electronics case that protects their electronics s always a great idea.



Under the Tree



Dry Pak Duffel

Snowshoes: With a wide variety of options for men, women, and children, and even kits that include poles and storage bag, snowshoes could be just what that adventurous person in your life needs to get out and truly enjoy winter!


 - Trekking Poles: No snow? No worries! Trekking poles are perfect for any trail, any time of year. Using them can help alleviate joint pain on longer hikes, and can also help make the carrying easier when lugging a large backpack.

 - Dry Pak Duffel Bags: Everyone needs a good duffel bag, and Dry Pak duffels are not only roomy and durable...they’ll protect contents in wet conditions! How cool is that?

 - Sun Comfort Lounge: The sun worshipers in your life will worship you for it. Trust.

 - Snow-Nut Snow Tube: No matter how old they are, everyone loves a fast ride down a snowy hill. This is sure to bring smiles all winter, and for many winters to come!

 - Snowball Fun Kit: And speaking of winter about a snowball fun kit. Snow required, of course, but this is a great gift for anyone who takes their play time seriously.



Going for the Gold


Airhead SUP Pace Board

Standup Paddleboards: If someone’s at the top of the “Nice” list, and deserves a really big gift, why not give the gift of Standup Paddleboarding? Currently one of the fastest growing sports, it’s easy to learn, and offers an all-over body workout while enjoying the great outdoors. Our sister company, Airhead SUP offers a huge assortment of styles that are perfect for beginners, and there’s even a kids’ board! And because Santa never leaves anything out, all of the boards include storage bag & paddle!



Popa Wheelie Tow Tube: Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without something for those who crave action on the water in the summer months. This tube offers multiple seating options and two towing points, offering a wild OR mild ride, and making it a perfect gift for any age or experience level. And with room for two, it’s even a great gift for couples (or siblings)!



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