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The Best Sleds for Kids

The Best Sleds for Kids

If you’re looking to get the kiddos out on the sledding hill with with the gear best suited for their age, look no further! We’ve rounded up our pick for the best sleds for kids this season:

Sno Nut


Inflatable Sleds


Inflatable sleds and snow tubes can provide a fun, cushioned ride down the sledding hill, and make no mistake...these tubes go super fast on well packed snow. Traditional donut shaped tubes even allow the rider to sit down low inside the tube itself, while other shapes offer multiple riding positions, and can accommodate multiple riders safely.


For younger kids, the snowmobile-like Gizmo allows them to control their direction as they slide, and even the little ones can join the fun, with our Infant Snow Shoe, great for a tow around the park!

Foam Sleds


Foam Sleds


Foam sleds are light, fast, and require no inflation, so they’re great to have in the back of the car “just in case”. They also come in some fun graphics that the kids will love, and at a lower price point.


With multiple sizes to choose from, foam sleds can also ridden sitting up or laying down, and some options can accommodate multiple riders too.


Plastic Sleds


Plastic Sleds

Plastic sleds come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, and are the most economical option (all are under $20). From the newer Gimme a Break, which features handles that can both steer and slow down the sled, to the more traditional disc and toboggan shapes, these durable sleds are a great option that should provide several seasons of fun.




Like the name implies, our "snow carpets" are flexible, easy to store, and with a slick bottom, are fun and fast to-boot! The kids will love the fun graphics on the Monsta Carpets, and If your family is looking to travel somewhere snowy, the new Roll it Up carpet style sled may be just the thing for you to pack and bring along!


Snow Skates & ScootersBoards, Snow Skate, Scooters


If snowboarding or skating is in their blood, younger kids will love our entry level Snow Ryder snowboard, Shred Snow Skate or SCOOT Snow Scooter!


Steerable Sleds


Looking to give them a little more control with steering capabilities? The Zig Zag (plastic), Gizmo (inflatable), or MantaRay (inflatable) may be exactly what they need.




In general, when you combine kids with snow and hills, you really can’t go wrong. Any of these choices are sure to bring a smile to their face for many winter days to come. And please remember: safety first! We recommend everyone wears a helmet on the hill.



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