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The HOTTEST New Boating Accessories for Summer 2015

The HOTTEST New Boating Accessories for Summer 2015



The HOTTEST New Boating Accessories for Summer 2015


Nothing signals the beginning of boating season like the sweet feeling of sun on your face. But, when you’re in the throws of winter, it seems like way too long to wait.


There is a cure for the wintertime blues. Online shopping for new boating accessories.


Trust me, it makes the cold seem so much more bearable when you start imagining the fun you’re going to have. Until your new goodies arrive. Then you’re like, “What was I thinking? Now I have to sit here and stare at my new accessories without being able to use them?”


So I guess we should think of online shopping as more of a bandage than a cure. But, luckily, I’ve spent a lot of time doing it for you! Here’s a list of the hottest accessories you should consider as boating season sets in:


High Roller 3 from Sportsstuff

There is power in numbers. So what could possibly be better than tubing with 2 other people? The High Roller 3 from Sportsstuff was designed to give each rider a strategically-placed air chamber to hug as they whip through the water. You’ll need it because this unique, multi-sphere design barely touches the water while towing.   


Besides being more fun than an average towable, this tube was built with safety in mind. Large EVA foam body pads protect riders’ knees and legs and foam-filled handles with EVA knuckle pads provide lots of options for comfortable gripping. As always with Sportsstuff towables, it comes equipped with a Kwik Connect for easy rope hook-ups and a patented Speed Safety Valve for fast and convenient inflatating and deflating. This will be the most fun your family will have on the water.


Price: $529.99 (


Helix 5 SI from Humminbird

Since it’s the year 2015, we have high expectations when it comes to fishfinders. With good reason; fishfinders are better than ever - both in value and in technology. The new Humminbird Helix 5 SI reads depths of up to 100 feet and provides a comprehensive image of what lies below the surface.


You’ll see things crisply and clearly on a five-inch display.  The Dual Beam Plus sonar allows for both a 20-degree and 60-degree scan to be viewed simultaneously. The improved software allows multiple data feeds to be combined into one image, showing greater detail than ever before. It’s definitely not the cheapest option, but it gives you a ton of features in one device.


Price: $499.99 (


River Otter from Airhead

Long gone are the days of heading to a tire shop to pick up a black tube in order to float down a river. The new River Otter from Airhead is so much better. This heavy-gauge PVC tube has two comfortably molded handles and is works well for a lot of different uses, including rivers, lakes and pools.



What sets it apart from a basic tube is the protective double-stitched polyester cover which protects the lining in rough waters. Of course, it wouldn’t be an Airhead product without some finishing touches. A molded drink holder will help you stay hydrated as you float down the river. Two rope anchors are welded to the sides so that you can tether or link to more friends for the ultimate river flotilla!


Price: $69.99 (


Wetsounds Stealth 10 Bluetooth Speakers

After you have your water toys taken care of, your water tunes are of the next importance. Wetsounds makes an entire line-up of great marine-grade speakers. The Stealth 10 has a full, extruded aluminum housing for great looks as well as durability. This model features a Bluetooth-enabled audio receiver with a high-performance speaker array and offers full-range performance.



Price: $750 (


Anchor Bungee from Airhead

Creative minds make boating so much easier. So often when you go to dock your boat on shore, rocks and other ding-creating annoyances are all around. There is a solution. The Anchor Bungee from Airhead allows you to tether your boat offshore, away from a rocky shoreline. Connect an anchor to your boat with the high-tensile strength Anchor Bungee and set the anchor offshore. A heavy-duty zinc plated shackle and snap hook are provided for attaching the Anchor Bungee to your anchor and boat. Tie a line to the stern to pull the boat into the shore to unload your group. Simply secure the end of the rope to a stake onshore and release the rope; Anchor Bungee will pull the boat away from shore into safe waters! Anchor Bungee flexes to relieve stress on the anchor, increasing its holding power. The bright red and yellow 16-strand 2500 lb. tensile strength rope is easy to spot and is constructed of polypropylene so it floats. This genius device is no joke. Use it once and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one!




Price: $37.99 (


Article written by Katie Burke




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