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Top 5 getaways for Water Tubing, Wakeboarding, and Water Skiing Outside the United States

Top 5 getaways for Water Tubing, Wakeboarding, and Water Skiing Outside the United States

Family memories that go down in legend are written when you do something wild and crazy. Nothing beats skipping over the water at 15 to 20 miles per hour while wake boarding and flying through the air and pulling off cool tricks. It's the epitome of a good family vacation, and you can have family bonding time while on the water. Better yet, bring some friends and have double the fun. What are interesting places around the world for water sports outside the United States? Here's a list of some of the best places to participate in action sports on the water.

Stoney Park, Australia

A destination with two manmade lakes, Stoney Park lies north of Port Macquarie, and it sits on the eastern coast of Aussie. The two lakes were designed at angles to take advantage of different wind and sun conditions. In addition, it creates the perfect chance for glass waters, which is perfect for wakeboarding and skiing. Stoney Park includes sliders, kickers and jumps, and it shouldn't be surprising that many of the world's most elite athletes come here for training.


AquaSki Park, Costa Rica

Some of the flattest and calmest waters in the world, Costa Rica has picturesque landscapes, and AquaSki Park is a private man-made lake of 3,500 feet long, perfect for tubing watersports. You sit nestled in the coconut palms and the orange trees. In fact, you're close to a 250-acre orange plantation. Not to mention, you will be enjoying your watersports with the monolithic Arenal Volcano in the background. As you skim over the waters, why not smell some of the tropical flowers found over the surface of the water? Ski over the waters, and imagine the sight of a brilliantly colored Tucan flying in the distance. Take a deep breath and inhale the blooming flora.

Neorion Bay, Greece

Found on the island of Poros, this hot vacation spot for families lets you head to one of the water ski meccas of the world. This place is also great for towables, and you will skim over some of the clearest water in the world. If you visit the water skiing school called, "Passage," you can learn from the former slalom water skiing champion Sotiris Kyprios. The school uses a Malibu Wakesetter VLX boat, and the designing of it was made specifically for wakeboarders. This boat holds up to 11 people, which makes it one of the largest riding wakes on the planet.


Lake Geneva, Switzerland

On the weekend, this lake is hopping with local residents, but if you can head there on a weekday, almost everyone is busy working, and you have calm and quiet on the lake. Especially if you head out during sunrise or during sunset, you have a stunning view for pictures and water tubing, water skiing and wakeboarding. It hands you a spectacular view of Mont Blanc, one of the highest mountains in the Alps. This lake feels refreshingly cool, and it integrates well with the Alpine landscape. If you want a little more quiet, you might also head over to the Rhone Valley. Both places receive much love for their day out summer activities, and they have a host of water sports. You can do everything in watersports like wakeboarding, water tubing, water skiing and stand-up paddle boarding. You might also take a leisurely pedalo ride.


Lake Bled, Slovenia

Probably one of the most underrated gems in Europe, Slovenia has some stunning forests, mountains and lakes. Lake Bled is one of the more famous points. In fact, this area has become one of the most best places to enjoy tubing, and watersports like wakeboarding. Also, you have an impregnable castle on a tiny island in the background as you enjoy your water sports. This is a place where you can enjoy water sports to your heart's content. Refresh yourself in the cool blue waters where you have the perfect place to snap pictures. The lake has become the source of much photography inspiration as many people have taken photos of it. If you want an adrenaline rush from a different perspective, why not take the family to Slovenia?



As you can see, you have plenty of different places outside the United States where water sports are wildly popular. At the same time, you have picturesque landscape in the background, and whether you want the exotic jungles of Costa Rica or the perfect glass lakes of Europe, every one of these locations offers you something interesting to experience. For some families, the chance to take an out of the country exploration will come once in a lifetime. However, it's not something anyone will forget, and it makes a nice conversation piece for years to come whenever your son says, "Hey, Dad, remember that time were wakeboarding in Slovenia?"



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