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WaterMat EX-Plus

February 21, 2017

When first introduced in 2004, the Original WaterMat foam lake float changed the meaning of "fun on the water" forever.

Now, over a decade later, thousands of high-quality WaterMat floatable lake toys continue to deliver safe, no-hassle, family fun.

Elegantly simple by design, both the WaterMat EX and the 50% thicker EX-Plus lake rafts roll out in seconds. With nothing to inflate, owners can enjoy their weekend rather than patching or refilling the inflatables. Very light weight wet or dry, the WaterMat EX is great for day trips to the Cove or sand bar. Or, leave it in the water for a full season of fun! You can walk on water, run, jump, slip and slide on a WaterMat. You can create your own wild WaterMat games or just hang out leisurely in the sun.

  • Two distinctly different surfaces on one product: A pillowy DiamondTop surface on the "lounging" side and a new slippery-er "play" side
  • Re-engineered at 22 feet long, giving you more square feet of safe, no hassle, family fun
  • But this is HUGE: Now narrower at five feet wide, its MUCH easier for one person to roll-up and even fits in the back of most SUVs
  • High quality grommet and tethering system included
  • Plus, a two year limited warranty!

Everything is more fun on the original WaterMat EX or the thicker, more buoyant WaterMat EX-Plus!


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