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WaterMat MaxRaft

WaterMat MaxRaft

The WaterMat Company is proud to launch its latest "Why didn't I think of that?" innovation,the WaterMat MaxRaft.

Before we release any new WaterMat product, it must satisfy a three-prong test: Is it safe? Is it fun for the family? And is it hassle-free?

The innovative MaxRaft sets a new standard by which all future water floats are measured!

The MaxRaft is a light-weight, splinter-free, easy-to-deploy (and even easier-to-stow) alternative to those heavy, rusty, and splintery 55-gallon drum or pontoon lake rafts, making it perfect for sunning, lounging, and playing on the lake. Or, an ideal in-water lifeguard station. Or, stage your wakeboard or scuba lesson from the MaxRaft.

Made out of high quality polyethylene cross-linked foam, the MaxRaft offers a smooth, soft gnarly splinters from sun-baked, dried-out 2x6 rusty screws to come loose that can cut feet….no clumsy ladder to slip on that can skin the hard edges or sharp corners to fall on.

The 6' X 8' MaxRaft foam lake float is 3.75 inches thick. The new MaxRaft Plus comes with a highly durable marine carpet surface, and both are incredibly buoyant and made in the USA.

Weighing just 45 pounds, it’s a one man job to move the MaxRaft. The MaxRaft Plus, with its marine carpet surface, weighs 78 pounds, but just try taking a traditional 300+ pound pontoon raft out of the water by yourself!

The MaxRaft and the MaxRaft Plus both offer a simple center-mounted grommet from which to connect an anchor line.

And, like all genuine WaterMat Floatable and Towable lake toys, the new MaxRaft is all about safe, no hassle family fun.



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