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Why a GENUINE WaterMat?

Why a GENUINE WaterMat?

April, 2018

Dear Fellow Water Enthusiast:

Thank you for your interest in the WaterMat family of floatables, towables and aquatic fitness products. Since inventing the product category of “large, non-inflatable floatation toys” in 2004, we’ve enjoyed creating high quality products that deliver safe, no hassle family fun.

In recent years, a bunch of imitators have emerged that offer cheap products made from low quality imported foam. Although we’re game to compete, before you shell out your hard earned money for what they may describe as a “Water Mat,” we’d like to make you aware of a few facts.

First, make sure you’re looking at a genuine “WaterMat” and not a cheap copycat!

OK, when you blow your nose, do you use a “tissue” or a Kleenex®? Or, when one of your kids cuts his/her foot on a rusty screw on your pontoon lake raft, do you apply a “bandage” or a Band-Aid®?

Great, innovative brands often become generic terms for an entire product category, and that has happened to us. 

But there is only one company that develops, manufactures and distributes genuine WaterMat lake floats, towables and aquatic fitness products, and that's H2O Pod, Inc., The WaterMat Company.

Don’t Be Bamboozled

See that funny little ® by the WaterMat® name? That is the registered trademark symbol from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Trademark infringement is the unauthorized use of a trademark or service mark (or a substantially similar mark such as “Water Mat”) on competing or related goods and services to cause confusion with the average consumer. So, when we claim that we are the “original” WaterMat, we do so under the sanction of the USPTO.

But, really, what in the heck does all that have to do with you having fun at the lake with family and friends?

What Over a Decade of Innovation and Experience means to YOU

After 13 years in operation, we continue to invent new products and improve our current models every year. We scour the market for the best quality materials, we’re constantly refining production processes, and we listen to loads of feedback from customers.

Take the improvements we made last year to the Original WaterMat EX and EX-Plus. Based on customer feedback, we added a new softer surface with bright new graphics to one side and a smooth surface on the other side for slipping in the lake.

Another frequent comment from customers was that our product was difficult to carry, port and stow. So, we reduced the width by nine inches making it MUCH easier to carry while adding four more feet in length!

We also heard from our boating customers that they wanted even more mobility, so this year, we re-launched the 11' x 5' Roll 'N Go that quickly and easily rolls up and fits on almost any ski boat.

Be Wary About Sensational Claims

We are committed to a clear objective: Make each WaterMat product as fun, safe and no-hassle as possible. We believe that when you're at the lake getting away for the weekend, no one wants to hassle with a defective water toy: It isn't fun if your new water toy tears when your 145-pound teenager jumps on it and it rips upon impact.

There are some really nutty claims made by some of our competitors. We see ads proclaiming “Voted #1 Rated Water Mat” (we never got a ballot…did you?). They boast that their 21-foot long mat is the “longest in the industry” (interesting…we have five models that are longer!).

Other competitors boast of “patented high tensile strength core material” and “Flex Core” technologies. We blush because five or six years ago, we raved about our own “high tensile strength matrix” but replaced that marketing BS with the category’s first two-year warranty.

People Make the Difference

Below is a picture of the wonderful folks in our Great Bend, KS, manufacturing facility that stand behind (and on!) every WaterMat. Their commitment to quality distinguishes every WaterMat product from our competition.

The WaterMat brand’s reputation is not something we take lightly. If you ever have an issue or question, just call our WaterMat Customer Service team at 1-888-4-MAT-FUN. 

Or, email Bob or Jay at or

We hope that you are so impressed with our products and the way you are treated by all of the WaterMat team members that you tell friends and family about your great experience…or post a review or a picture on social media.

Thank you very much for considering the genuine WaterMat family of products. We are excited for you to enjoy the original…the best quality…and the “funnest” water toys on the market!

Bob and Jay



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