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When you think water safety, just remember W-A-T-E-R-M-A-T

When you think water safety, just remember W-A-T-E-R-M-A-T

Although we are all about fun on the water, the WaterMat Company takes water safety very seriously.

We are committed to designing and manufacturing products that offer safe, no-hassle family fun, but once a genuine WaterMat product leaves our Kansas factory, we must rely on the common sense and good judgment of our customers to enforce safe usage.

Beyond the detailed safety guidelines found in your Owner's Manual, we've developed a handy mnemonic to keep safety top of mind when using your genuine WaterMat product. When you think “safety,” just think W-A-T-E-R-M-A-T.

gaggle of kids on sharkWear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket when playing on any WaterMat. EVERYBODY wears a PFD if being towed on the TowBoggan.

Anchor your WaterMat with care in sufficiently deep water (factoring the users’ size, swimming skills, and age); away from hard objects (both above and below the water surface); and out of any boat lanes.

Tether your WaterMat such that it lies flat in the water and subject to how it might drift. Do not attach it to a dock unless it is tethered at water level. It is better to attach it to a highly visible buoy or use an anchor (a concrete cinder block works great). Do not tether or tow any WaterMat product (except for the TowBoggan) to any watercraft.

Evaluate the skill and competency of every person playing on the WaterMat. Always consider the age, general health, overall fitness, swimming ability and prior product experience of each individual that will play on the WaterMat and adapt accordingly.

Review your WaterMat Owner’s Manual regularly for specific safety measures and tips

Monitor the current situation: Maintain vigilance of water and weather conditions, as well as boat traffic, all of which can change quickly and dramatically. Stop excessive horseplay. Keep a particularly close eye on little kids.

Avoid alcohol and drugs while playing on any WaterMat product. Any type of intoxication greatly increases the risk of accidents

Team-up with two or more participants at all times. Never swim alone and especially keep an eye on little kids playing on the WaterMat

Thank you for keeping W-A-T-E-R-M-A-T in mind so that you and your family have a great experience on your genuine WaterMat product this summer!



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