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Which Towable Water Tube Shape is Right for My Family?

Which Towable Water Tube Shape is Right for My Family?

Are you going to sit around and watch TV at the summer lake house when it is 85 and sunny outside? No! You're going to go put on your swimsuit, grab your sunscreen, floaties, and whatever else you need to get in that water! You're not at a lake house for nothing.


One of the best outdoor activities is water tubing. You're lying on the towable while your friends are in the boat pulling you along; they pick up the speed and you hold on tight, eventually flinging off into the water. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't call that boring!


Towable tubes are high quality- made out of nylon covers and heavy gauge PVC. There are many different shapes and styles of towable tubes:


 Single Rider Tubes
 Double Rider Tubes
 Multi Rider Tubes
 Deck Tubes
 Hot Dog Tube
 Winged Tube
 Multi Tow-point Tubes
 Innovative & Unique Shapes too!


You’ll want to determine which towable shape is best for you (and your friends / family) before hitting the water. Different shapes require different levels of effort and athleticism. Thankfully, it’s not rocket science, and we’ve got some helpful tips to help you sort out family-friendly towable water tubes.


Let's start!


Single Rider Towables


Single Rider Tubes


Single rider tubes come in a variety of shapes, but the most popular are deck style tubes (that require a bit more effort to stay on), and cockpit style tubes (that are an easier ride if you don’t want to have to hold on as tight).


Flat deck tubes come with handles so you can lay down & hold on tight. This is the best option for performing tricks, especially for those who are more athletic & skilled on the water.


Cockpit style tubes will allow you to sit back and relax, but not too much...there’s still plenty of fun to be had with these tubes too! This is the best option if you’re looking for a family-friendly towable water tube that can accommodate younger or less athletic riders.




Two Rider Towables


Double Rider Tubes


A tube that is designed for two people can double your fun. Two rider tubes are our most popular size’s always more fun to ride with a friend!


There are a lot of different types of double rider tubes; some you can sit on your knees and hold on via straps - for these you will need the same amount of strength as the single rider tubes; some you will sit with your legs out and your back against the tube (like a chair). These will keep you stable and don't require as much strength to stay up. Just enjoy the ride!




Multi Person Rider Tubes


Multi Rider Tubes


Tubes that hold 3 riders, and in some cases, 4 or more riders, will make your head spin with excitement! Grab some of your friends and enjoy the ride. And as with so many other things in life, the more friends you ride with, the more fun it gets!


These come in multiple styles and configurations. As with the single & double rider tubes, some are easier to ride (cockpit style) than others (deck style), but it does help to have some muscle...and beware...your cheeks may get sore from all the smiling you’ll do!




Deck Tubes


Deck Tubes


Flat deck tubes come in multiple different sizes and styles. It can range from one person to 4 people. Expect a wave of excitement! These are the types that you can lay down, with the wind in your hair, the water brushing your feet, and have fun.


You’ll need strength to lean as far back as you can, and hold on tight to the handles or straps so you don't submarine or fling off. If you’re more experienced, this is a fun tube to ramp up the speed on the boat and show off some tricks. A beginner can use these too, but they may want to start on a lower speed.




Hot Dog Style Towables


Hot Dog Tubes


These literally look like a hot dog, and are built to be used by one person or by multiple people at a time. You will straddle over the center of the tub on your knees and hold on to the nylon straps in front of you. The seats are made of neoprene for comfort and to help you stay on. These are a great tube for beginners!




Winged Tubes


Winged Tubes


A winged tube is just like it sounds. There will be a portion in the center of the tube where you and/or your friend can sit. On either side of you there will be inflatable wings for stability, excitement and comfort.


You do not necessarily need to be experienced to ride this one, but if you are more athletic & skilled, you’ll love the maneuverability of these tubes to perform tricks. Some of the winged tubes will have a flat deck and others may have seats. You’ll want to be ready to hold on tight, especially on the flat versions.




Multiple Tow Point Tubes


Multi Tow Point Tubes


Multi Tow Point tubes allow 2 different riding experiences. These can be configured a variety of ways: front & back, mid-tube & bottom of tube. Riding one way allows particular seating and hand positions while the other direction will be a an all new experience. Like two tubes in one!




Unique Towables


Innovative & Unique Shaped Tubes


We also happen to make a huge variety of Innovative and Unique shapes that allow standing, spinning, barrel rolling and even wearing the tube!




And Remember:

Even if you think you're a great swimmer, always remember to wear a life jacket!




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