Element Open Sided Life Jacket Vest | Child-Adult


SKU: 30092-02-A-BKTL

Child/Adult Life Preserver

The open-sided life jacket in Element provides top-tier safety with streamlined flexibility. Children, youth, and adults can rest easy in this life jacket, which is equipped with premium safety features that deliver for years to come.

This universal life preserver is U.S. Coast Guard approved, so you can rest assured your family is in good hands when wearing these jackets. It also has three body belts that secure, and three release buckles for easy removal. On the children’s life jacket, an extra strap adds even more safety.

The open-sided design flexes to meet different body shapes and ensure proper fit. Plus, the Element life jacket offers more breathability on days when the sun is shining bright. This life jacket comes in a stunning black and blue design that’s perfect for sunny days on the water. 

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