Pfish Skim Wakesurf Board



Skim Wakesurf Board

Whether you’re totally new to wakesurfing, or you’re ready to graduate from a beginner wakesurf board to a more advanced experience, Pfish is perfect for you.

The Airhead Pfish Wakesurf Board is inspired by the smooth, quick movements of skimboarding, but combines the functionality and features of a wakesurf board. The extra thick grooved EVA deck has a big kicker and makes it easy to keep your footing, especially when navigating challenging twists and turns. The full shape and fishtail setup is perfect for learning how to master moving across the water.

The Pfish skimmer board features the stability you want in a wakesurf board, but makes it easy to play around with tricks and push the boundaries of your skills. This skim wakesurf board is geared toward boosting confidence, so don’t be surprised when you start mastering air reverses and shove-its.

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  • Compression Molded: A durable and lightweight construction that will last wave after wave
  • Traction Pads: Provide grip for secure footing and control of the board
  • Progressive Rails: Designed for fast maneuvering and tight turns to provide an extremely responsive ride