Snow Ryder Pro Snowboard | 130cm


SKU: SSSB-1302

Trainer Snowboard

Want to learn how to snowboard in a fun, safe way? Look no further than the Sportsstuff Snow Ryder Pro 130cm hardwood snowboard. Take this entry-level snowboard into your backyard for a blast of excitement!

The bindings ensure a secure fit for riders up to 150 pounds, and the lack of metal edging allows you more flexibility to play and learn without the extra pressure.

This Sportsstuff Snow Ryder Pro 130cm hardwood snowboard for beginners also has a raised nose and tail so you can ride to and from many different directions.


  • Entry level snowboard for backyard fun. No metal edges - not for resort use
  • Durable hardwood construction
  • Ratchet style bindings for a secure fit
  • Raised nose and tail for multiple riding directions
  • Great for riders 80-150 pounds


Rachet bindings are made of heavy-duty vinyl featuring a quick release button and heavy duty straps that provide a secure fit to keep riders shoes or boots strapped closely to the board while sliding down the hill.

Smooth Bottom surface

The slick laminated wood bottom is smooth providing maximum snowboard sliding, and speed if desired, for riders of all ages.

Durable Layers of wood

The multi-layer construction is composed of machine pressed wood layers that create a strong composite board unlike any traditional kids snowboards. Our construction provides multiple seasons of family fun.